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Blog homeWelcome to the Blogs help page

To get to your Blog section click the Blogs Top Menu option to get to your Blog home page.  You must be an upgraded CM Standard Plus or CM Pro member to create new blogs.

The first thing you need to know is all blogs MUST be G-RATED.  In fact, there are guidelines for the social tools here at Credential Manager.  

Here you can create Blog posts for your Blog.  When someone visits your list of blogs (See your link below) they can get an RSS Feed button for them to plug into your Blog posts.  With any new post entry that will trigger the RSS Feed and all subscribers will see your new post.  This will also be true for any edit you do on your blog posts. 

Your blog list page is https://www.credentialmanager.co/blogs/posts/{YOURUSERNAME} and displays a list of the blogs you have created.  Just replace {YOURUSERNAME} with your Credential Manager username and no brackets {}.  If you don't know what your username is go to your profile settings and see.

To create your first Blog post click the + button on the white bar just below the top menu navigation on the right.  You will be able to give your blog a title which is the large blue text that is clickable taking you to the blog post. After that you can put in the search tags separated by commas. 

Now using the Text editor key in your blog post content and any imagery you have for the blog post can be inserted. 

Next you can select the category this blog best fits in using the pull down.  Then if you have any image files you want to add click the blue button with the + in it.  Select the image (300 x 300) you want for the Blog listing.  Make your privacy settings and you are ready to submit your blog.  Go to the bottom and click the ADD POST button. You can always edit it at any time by going to your blog and clicking the edit button from the actions block below the blog.

Blogging gives you a way to share your personal life & passions to the World!  You can add content, photos, videos, sounds, files and make it stand out from the crowd.

We also provide you with cover customization for each of your blog posts.   Each post can be configured with its own cover for the ambiance you want for the blog.  Just hover your mouse over the cover and click the blue edit button that pops up on the upper right.

If you have any questions please do put in a support ticket and we will get back to you ASAP!

All in all its a pretty cool social system

  • 01

    You are provided an affiliate system that is pretty nice. When someone joins under your link they are AUTO-BEFRIENDED to you and immediately in your circle of friends.

  • 02
    Multiple Chat Mechanisms

    Text, audio, video chat mechanisms available for you to use with your friends. Find a friend and make immediate one on one contact.

  • 03
    No Scam friends timeline

    We have filters in place to keep OUT known scams from the timeline & other areas of the system. You can relax in an Eco-friendly environment with your friends and their posts to you.

  • 04
    Vast Social System

    With this system you have central operations for your social presence online. You have blogs, profile, groups, pages, and more with RSS feed & subscribe buttons for your visitors engagement.