Whois Information on all websites

Get Valuable WHOIS Info on all websites

WHOIS info on all pre-loaded websites All {servicecount} websites in your credential management solution come with their WHOIS registration information stamped on the record so you can view it and find out more about the site.

Imagine having the Date that the Website was created, or knowing the websites country location, or having the Domain Registrars name or having the contact email for the website admin!  There is even MORE information as well.

This information is important because it gives you a feel for the website and it's background.

Also, if you are being SPAMMED by a domain, knowing who the registrar is for that domain is very helpful.  You can then go to the registrar and file a complaint of spam against the domain and the registrar has the power to shut down the site completely if necessary.

What if the website was created yesterday?  Wouldn't it be nice to know that?

What if the website is in China or some other country other than the United States?  Again, wouldn't it be good to have that information?

So we have a routine programmed into Credential Manager so that any new website that is added, within 5 minutes the WHOIS registration information is stamped on the record and can be viewed by Displaying the selected website and going to the bottom of the popup display record to view it.

Even the websites you ADD to your Credential Manager will have the WHOIS info stamped on it within just a few minutes of being added!

All in all its a pretty cool social system

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    You are provided an affiliate system that is pretty nice. When someone joins under your link they are AUTO-BEFRIENDED to you and immediately in your circle of friends.

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    Multiple Chat Mechanisms

    Text, audio, video chat mechanisms available for you to use with your friends. Find a friend and make immediate one on one contact.

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    No Scam friends timeline

    We have filters in place to keep OUT known scams from the timeline & other areas of the system. You can relax in an Eco-friendly environment with your friends and their posts to you.

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    Vast Social System

    With this system you have central operations for your social presence online. You have blogs, profile, groups, pages, and more with RSS feed & subscribe buttons for your visitors engagement.