What you get with CM Standard Plus membership

Worldwide social networking

Your 'CM Standard Plus' Credential Manager Membership

Welcome to a friendly environment where you can relax and have fun.  We are dedicated to a  no scams policy everywhere!

Please remember that Credential Manager is a G-Rated system and ALL content, photos, videos & sites promoted or displayed must be G-Rated as well. 

Here are some of the benefits of the 'CM Standard Plus' membership (One time payment of $24.97):

  • Credential Manager (Public Area)
    • CM Standard Plus membership has a limit of 250 activation's between public & personal website area.
    • Centralize all your Personal & Marketing credentials using this powerful storage recovery solution.
    • All website logins are centralized for easy access to the site you want to login with a login button targeted to the login page.
    • Usernames & Passwords (AES 128 Encrypted) stored & managed through Credential Manager.
    • Marketing credentials such as Referral URLs, Banner Code, Email associations, start-page URLs & a large notes section.
    • Unlimited Security Questions & Answers put into the Embed code area.
    • All of your Email associations (Your Email, Website support, account manager, etc).
    • You also have unlimited Embed Codes (Video, Banner codes, HTML Snippets, Security Q/A, etc).
    • Imagine having all your personal & Business credentials centralized that you can access with ANY device!
    • All websites added to Credential Manager are SCAM Free because we filter known SCAMS in the public area.
    • Additionally websites in the Public area are monitored for activity twice a day to make sure they are not down
  • Personal Websites activation's
    • CM Standard Plus membership can activate up to 250 websites total between the public area & Personal websites area
    • Personal website activation's are PRIVATE and do NOT go into any of the public areas (Favorites, Categories, Search, etc.)
    • Four buttons for management of personal website area (Edit, Display, Login, Delete)
    • No domain monitoring of the websites added
    • There is NO filtering of any website added to the Personal area
    • Add & control the login link administered by you, the member
  • Affiliate link(s) for your hierarchy
    • When someone joins Credential Manager under your affiliate link(s), they are auto-befriended & put into your circle of friends
    • Your homepage affiliate link is https://www.credentialmanager.co/indez.php?refaqb={memberID}
    • Add the ?refaqb={memberID} to ANY link in Credential Manager to promote it and your hierarchy will receive the signup
  • Worldwide Friends Timeline 
    • When you login you will have a Friends timeline that you can comment on in the community.
    • Post your thoughts, dreams, YouTube videos, links & Ideas to your friends in the community using the post to your wall block.
    • On the bottom panel of your browser are some icons of which one looks like a pencil & paper.  That is also where you can post to the timeline. 
  • RSS News Feed
    • All CM Standard Plus members have access to the RSS News Feed option from the menu navigation
    • There are over 1,000 new articles every month on pertinent issues for the Business person
    • Check out the latest news and stay up to date for your online marketing efforts with the latest information
    • No setup necessary, just read the articles of interest, we've done the hard work for you
  • Groups
    • Develop your own group for any category that you want to have members & non-members join
    • Promote Ideas and answer questions by your subscribers to your Group
    • Chat box available for everyone currently in the Group!
  • No Scams in the Timelines
    • No one is allowed to post a scam in the timeline, because we have filtration of known domains that are scam sites.   If you attempt to post that domain it will be replaced with ***Not-Allowed*** and Admin is notified.
    • The reason why is we want a friendly place to visit with our friends & associates without being inundated with things we don't care about, or are illegal.
  • How to communicate with your friends
    • Just float your mouse cursor over the avatar of your friend and wait up to 5 seconds for the ACTION BLOCK to appear.  
    • Once the block appears you will have many options for this member including the chat field on the bottom of the block.  You may have to move your mouse cursor down after the block appears to see ALL of the buttons available.
  • Upload & add your own avatar
    • All membership levels can access the cartoon avatars that are available or upload your own picture for your avatar.
    • Avatars are useful to show everyone a small picture of yourself so we can identify you.  The default is the first letter of your name as your default avatar.
  • One-on-One Video Chat
    • Communicate with your friends one on one using video chat!  
    • It's easy and comes with your Standard membership, just float your mouse cursor over the avatar of any friend and you will receive an action block in a few seconds!.  
  • Multiple chatting modules
    • There are many different ways to CHAT live with your friends and other Members in the community.
    • You can chat by text or video, all in a live environment one-on-one with your friends
    • Use the Global Chat box in your Dashboard to chat with EVERYONE that is logged into Credential Manager
  • Your personal profile page with privacy control
    • You are provided a profile page that you can use for personal promotion.  
    • The page comes with a very nice image cover with a default image you can use.  You can also use your own image for a more customized look & feel that represents you.
    • On each block there is a gold key in the upper left that you can click for privacy control over THAT block.
    • In fact, you even have a site customizing button that you can click to change the look & feel of your profile!
    • Your Personal Profile link is based upon your Username (Example: https://www.credentialmanager.co/username)
  • My Circle to categorize and contact your friends & associates
    • When you login you will see My Circle block below your Account block on your left.  There you can configure the privacy settings for them to contact you.
    • Also, under Account is "My Circle" (Last link) which is your area to categorize and contact friends & other contact types for your CIRCLE of friends.
    • In the member icon menus at the bottom of your browser is a circle with a plus sign in the middle for access to My Circle.
    • Contact just a certain CATEGORY of people to keep your messages targeted.
    • Use My Circle to directly contact for personal or business purposes.
  • Project Manager
    • Create your Projects using your Project Management tool on Credential Manager.
    • A project can be listed with details of its implementation, expected completion date and can also include documents, photos, & video attachments.
    • You have daily tasks that can be input for documenting the trail of work on any task with photo's, video's, etc.
    • You can have team members for assigned tasks through Credential Manager's membership.
    • It's very comprehensive and it's in your Credential Manager Social community, Check it out to start using it for your Projects FREE.
  • Pets Module
    • Add your pet to the module to share it with the rest of the members here on Credential Manager
    • Create a description and even add pictures so we can see your favorite pet
    • Search for pets in the module
  • Photos Area
    • Upload any of your Photos for your own use or to share here at Credential Manager
    • All photos must be G-Rated and if you upload any X-Rated pictures your account will be removed
    • Use this area to share your life with others here at Credential Manager
    • You can add, edit and delete your photos using the actions block on the right-hand panel of buttons
  • Videos Area
    • Upload any of your Video's for your own use or to share here at Credential Manager
    • All Video's must be G-Rated and if you upload any X-Rated videos your account can be removed
    • All videos go through an approval process before they are added to the system for sharing
  • Bible Module
    • Access the entire Bible using the King James Version for study
    • Perform searches for your favorite passages
    • Share verses with others in Credential Manager and in Facebook, etc.
  • Play Chess
    • Play against Fritz a strong computer opponent
    • Watch LIVE blitz games online in real time
    • Access Masters tournament games for study
    • Live chess tactics to solve puzzles for improving your game and for study
  • Unlimited Blogs for personal & Business use
    • Promote what you are doing by Blogging it
    • All Blogs MUST be G-Rated without Exception
    • Put in your own content, links, images or videos
    • All blogs go through an approval process before being posted
  • Unlimited Events with a count down clock included
    • Promote your upcoming events with this module
    • When displayed there will be a count down clock displaying the Days, Hours, Minutes before event
    • Include content, links, images and even videos (All must be G-Rated)
  • Ticket Support
    • All members have access to our ticket support system here at Credential Manager.
    • Click the tick-down from the your support ticket block in your Account manager or under Help, click submit a ticket.
    • Select your priority and let us know what you need help with and our friendly staff are there to help.

It's just about the entire system and you receive it all with your CM Standard Plus membership.  We do have guidelines and if you want to promote a Business or Affiliate links with the Social Tools you do need to be aware of the rules in guidelines.  If you have any questions do send us a support ticket and we will get back to you ASAP!

All in all its a pretty cool social system

  • 01

    You are provided an affiliate system that is pretty nice. When someone joins under your link they are AUTO-BEFRIENDED to you and immediately in your circle of friends.

  • 02
    Multiple Chat Mechanisms

    Text, audio, video chat mechanisms available for you to use with your friends. Find a friend and make immediate one on one contact.

  • 03
    No Scam friends timeline

    We have filters in place to keep OUT known scams from the timeline & other areas of the system. You can relax in an Eco-friendly environment with your friends and their posts to you.

  • 04
    Vast Social System

    With this system you have central operations for your social presence online. You have blogs, profile, groups, pages, and more with RSS feed & subscribe buttons for your visitors engagement.