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How to use the friends news feed timeline

The purpose behind the friends timeline from your Members account area is for you to see the posts & activities of your friends here at Credential Manager.

To post to your Friends here, go to your WALL by clicking the little Post to your wall icon on the lower portion of your browser from your system options bar.

When posting from your WALL, there is a tick-down in the upper right of the block for you to decide whether you are going to add text, a link, photo or video.  

You can add text in combination with a link.  Just key in your text and then key in the link.

With that said there are some general rules of etiquette that need to be followed when making your posts:

1.  Always be polite and refrain from negative comments that are derogatory in nature.  

2.  Think of this area as a way to stay in communication with all your friends using the options we mentioned above.    

3.  All content is to be G-Rated.  This means no pictures of material that you wouldn't want your kids to see, such as bikini clad women or anything that could be construed as provocative. This is not the place for posting those kinds of pictures so please don't post them.  

4.  You will also see the activity & posts from your friends in your Members account area.  Your friends here in the community will also see your various activities too.  It's a two way street and the reason you see what you see is, it's coming from your friends here in the community.

5.  You can post your Affiliate & Business links.  However please realize you are sending your links to your Friends here in the community and not to all members.  If your Business has been marked as a Scam it will not be displayed and will display ***Not-Allowed*** instead.

6.  When you post you will see your posts in the wall and in your profile.  However you will not see YOUR posts in Member account as that is your Friends activity & timeline.  You can comment on friends posts too from Account.

7.  All content that is put into the system anywhere has a filtering process for bad words & known scam links.  If you use any of these words or links you will see ***Not-Allowed*** replace the bad word or link.  If you think this is an error please do let us know.