Help - My Circle

My Circle Welcome to My Circle

To get to My Circle go to Account >> My Circle and that is where you can start to assemble your circle of friends and categorize them for contact.  You can also use the Member icon for My Circle icon from your Member tray at the bottom of your browser to access My Circle.

This is an area for you to categorize your friends, business associates, family and any other category that you want to use to delineate your friends here at Credential Manager.  Send messages to specific groups of people using the send message block on your top right.

To categorize a friend float your Mouse cursor over their avatar (Members - Friend block on the left) and WAIT 5 seconds.  An actions block will appear and towards the bottom you will see a button that says My Circle +, which means to ADD this member. Click it and add the member to the category you want them in.  

Please notice the send block (Upper right) which is how you can communicate with your circle of friends.  To send a message select the category of friends to send to.  The ADD button below category is if you want to include another category in this message. The title field is the subject of the message and is required. Then key in your message in the content area and when you are done click the SEND button and EVERYONE will get your message!  They will get notified through the MAIL icon on your system tray with a RED bubble and the number of messages that are waiting in the red bubble.

Create categories using the add new category block on your left and then use it (As shown above) to categorize your friends so you are better equipped to manage your team.

If you have any questions please do contact us with a support ticket.