Social Tools Guidelines

 Guidelines for business membership

Guidelines for use with Credential Manager social tools 

If you want to use the social tools, no problem but there are some rules. 

Must be a G-Rated Website:  We can’t have anything non-G rated.  All content, imagery & videos that are in the social tools you are using MUST be G-Rated.  We do make spot checks on all blogs, profiles, events & everything needs to comply with the below guidelines.

What is NOT allowed at all:

  1. No HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs)
  2. No MLM beyond 5 tiers from unknown companies.
    1. Amway, Mary Kay & other known MLM's are acceptable even if they go beyond 5 tiers.
  3. No Pay Per Click Exchanges allowed
  4. No Revenue sharing programs and others like it will be accepted. (Like Zeek Rewards & ASD)
  5. Consumer or service driven business ONLY.
    1. If the service only has an affiliate process for sales, it will be denied.
    2. If the service is driven by "Ad Packs" it will more than likely be denied.
  6. No auto-ship based services are acceptable.
  7. No Gambling or Casino sites will be accepted.
  8. No hate or derogatory sites will be accepted.
  9. No child pornography or any pornography related sites are acceptable.
  10. No dating sites (Of any kind) will be accepted.
  11. No Bulk-Email services are acceptable.
    1. This does not apply to services as Aweber that are permission based.
    2. The email millions of people daily type of services will be denied.
  12. No pharmaceutical type websites are acceptable.
  13. No telephone marketing based websites or recorded telephone sales products for mass marketing.
  14. No Gun or Bullet sales sites will be approved at all, no matter how reputable
  15. No illegal website product or service sales of any kind will be allowed.

If your site looks like any of the above, you can't use the social tools for promotion and we apologize for any inconvenience. 

What is acceptable:

  1. Most all E-Commerce sites that are Consumer & Service based with a clear path to retail sales.
  2. The gaming industry is acceptable (Except casinos as noted above).
  3. Most Manual Traffic Exchanges & Safelists are acceptable.
  4. Advertising agencies with a proven track record.
  5. Legitimate email distributors like Aweber, Get Response and others are acceptable.
  6. Legitimate software sales are acceptable.
    1. Bulk email type software will be denied.
  7. Website services such as AdMedia, Affiliate Window, Amazon, AvantLink, Commission Junction, eBay, FlexOffers, JVZoo, LinkConnector, Make1c, Rakuten Linkshare, Revenue Wire, ShareASale, Shopify, TradeDoubler, ValueLeads, & Walmart are all acceptable affiliate programs.     

If you don’t see your site or affiliate program listed, you can go ahead and submit it to us for review.

There are other acceptable types of sites that cannot be listed here because of volume. All review submissions are evaluated on a case by case basis using real eyeballs so please be patient.

      We will get back to you via the internal mail system here with our evaluation to let you know if you can use the tools for that business and this process can take up to 72 hours.