The easy way to store all of your website information

Never forget another username or password with Credential Manager.

Have your best online experience with Credential Manager, a safe, simple way to store and fill usernames & passwords (Encrypted), links, email associations, embed codes, security questions & answers and much more.

The real benefit in using Credential Manager is the flexibility of being able to have UNLIMITED storage of ALL your information available for EACH website you are using and not just your login credentials.  There is NO LIMIT to the line items you can create for each website.

With this cloud based Credential Manager you only need ONE login to access your websites.  No more lost credentials, because all of your information is stored in the clouds.

A better way to manage your sites

Never go back to documenting your credentials in word or notepad again!

I can't imagine going back to maintaining lists of usernames & passwords in word or notepad. 

It's truly amazing what you can do with Credential Manager, because the focus here is on ALL of the information with regards to the websites you are using and its UNLIMITED entries per website in 4 main areas.

  1. Unlimited Usernames & Passwords (AES 128 Encryption)
  2. Unlimited Links (Affiliate, PDF's, Blogs, Favorites, etc)
  3. Unlimited Email Associations (Yours, Support, Account Manager, etc)
  4. Unlimited Information of any kind (Embed codes, scripts, Security Q/A, anything!)

Everything is unlimited for each website you have.