Benefits of Credential Manager

Credential Management

Benefits of a cloud based Credential Manager

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The purpose behind Credential Manager is to provide you with a cloud based solution to store & recover your personal & Business information with regards to the Websites you are going to.  

Because Credential Manager is cloud based you can access it with any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone) from anywhere in the World.  This is a huge benefit, because it doesn't matter what device or browser you are using and is Internet centralized.  In other words it's in the clouds!

This is important because it CENTRALIZES you for all the information you are dealing with for the websites you are working with.  It also means you don't have to login to the website you are using, to get your affiliate link, banner code, login info or even the email association you have with the website.  Everything is stored for you in your Credential Manager, and it is in the clouds safe & secure.

Here are the things that are stored & available for recovery here in Credential Manager:

  1. Unlimited username & password login credentials (Encrypted) for each website activation
  2. Unlimited links (Affiliate, Social, Blogs, Video, etc.) for each website activation
  3. Unlimited HTML Snippets (Banner Code, Scripts, Embed code, etc.) for each website activation
  4. Unlimited email associations for each website activation
  5. Unlimited security questions & answers for each activation
  6. The login page is tied to the login button for every website activation
  7. An extensive Notes section for each website activation
  8. WHOIS information under the display button for each website activation (Except .gov domains)
  9. Start-page link button for each website activation


This is when you ADD a website to your Credential Manager and put in your credentials for storage & recovery.  

There are already {servicecount} Websites in the database waiting for you to activate them and you can use the non-activation's area to find them and easily activate the sites you want to add to your Credential Manager account.  You can also use the Add a Website link to open a box to put the domain of the site you want to add and the system will look to see if it is already in the system.  

Once you activate a site it goes to your Activation's area for you to manage the Website from there.


There are a number of benefits to using Credential Manager:

  1. All of your website logins are stored for you under the login button for each website activation so you can login to the site
  2. You don't have to login to the website to recover your information because it is stored here
  3. Because your information is in the clouds it is not on your computer and hacker free
  4. If your computer crashes you don't have to worry about your Website logins, links, security questions, embed codes or email associations
  5. Your login credentials are easily recovered for you BEFORE you login to the website you want to visit
  6. You have a cloud based location to access your information using any device, any browser from anywhere in the World

The bottom line is you will never have a credential moment if you use Credential Manager and this will save oodles of time by having a centralized solution for all of the information you have with regards to the websites you are working with.  It is an amazing solution and you get a LOT of options!