Why I am so excited about this Website

The reason I am excited about Credential Manager is because of what you can do with it.

The possibilities are endless, because the focus here is ALL of the information associated with the websites you are using.  Here is what I mean.

When you login and go to the credential manager area, you can select the website that you have activated for several options.

Look below to see the selected website (Zoom) and the buttons below it.

Click the far left button, which is the edit button and that will allow you to EDIT the selected website.

Lets look at editing your Usernames & Passwords.  There are actually 4 areas you can edit, and we are just giving you an excerpt from the Usernames & Passwords (AES 128 Encryption) area below.

You will notice that there are 3 fields above.  The Name for titling, then the username & password fields.  The PLUS button allows you to add another line.  Lets click that button and show it to you below.

Above you see the new line appear.  Now you can edit it with another Name title, username and password.  See below for the edit.

Now lets click the display button (2nd icon button below selected website) and see what it looks like.

Pretty cool, huh?  You can do this with ALL 4 areas.  Let me show you the other three areas in an edit box.

Looking above you see the Referral URL area (Any link), the E-Mail area and the Any Info area. 

This is the edit box and each area has it's own plus button to add a new line like we did for the usernames & passwords above.  The possibilities are literally ENDLESS!  Just edit any field (In any of the 4 areas) or click the plus button to add a new line and then click the update button after making your edits.

Lets click the display button again and look at the display of these three areas.

Looking above you will see the other three areas being displayed.  The Referral URL area line item is clickable so you can get to the link quickly.

In fact, lets look at the Referral URL area with TWO lines defined in the display record below.

Look above and you will see an excerpt from the displaying of the website for the referral URL area with clickable links, which are also NAMED so you know what they are for.  Once clicked, it opens up a NEW tab and you are sent to the link.

I am excited because I can STORE ANY information I want all within these 4 areas.  I can get to this information no matter what device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone) I am on from anywhere in the world!

It's definitely worth the one-time payment of $1.47 for a lifetime membership.

There is MUCH more too, like the fact that ALL {servicecount} websites have their WHOIS information stamped on the record, even NEW websites you add to your Credential Manager.  Check it out below.

Look above and you will find a WEALTH of information about this website.  You will find the domain location, the domain creation date, the registrar, the domain admin contact and much more!  Just click the display record and scroll to the bottom of the popup, and the WHOIS info wlll be there to view,

There is even more and all for a one time payment of $1.47 for a permanent membership.  

Check out our Membership Pricing Chart to see the memberships and their level of access.