What you can do with Credential Manager

 What you can do with Credential Manager

Look at what you can have for Each Website you add, using Credential Manager:

  1. Unlimited login credentials (AES 128 Encryption)
  2. Unlimited links of any kind (Affiliate, Social, Articles, Blogs, Any link!)
  3. Unlimited Email associations (Yours, support, account manager, etc.)
  4. Unlimited Any Info area (Security Q/A, Banners, Video, HTML snippets, Any Info!)
  5. WHOIS Registration Information on all sites
  6. Large Notes Section (Store your Welcome email)

Here is a list with a few of your operations buttons for each of your website's:

  1. Login button for each website you add that takes you to the login page
  2. Edit all the above info for your website (Except the WHOIS info)
  3. Display button to view ALL your info and the WHOIS information
  4. Click a button to favorite the selected site and it will also be on your Favorites page
  5. Click a button to visit the landing page of the site selected

BloggingAdditionally, with your cloud based Credential Manager you will be able to create NOTES for every website you are using!  To see the benefits of a cloud based Credential Manager click here.

Credential Manager is a serious solution for people who are looking for something newbie friendly, and providing powerful results.