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If you want to find a service that is one of the {servicecount} websites in the database then key in any portion of the name of the service and you will be presented with all the sites corresponding to that part of the name that are in Credential Manager.

As an example, to find all the Google site activation's just type in the name Google.  You will discover that there are 15 different website activation's associated with google.  The reason for that is Google has a variety of different services and you can activate specific ones to keep a record & login solution for that particular site location for google.

Additionally all Websites found will display the WHOIS information so you can view it for additional information about the website(s) found.  WHOIS information will include the creation date & time for the website creation itself.  You will also find contact information, an address location and even a phone number if the company put it into their domain info. You will also see the date the site was added to Credential Manager and all of this information is useful for evaluating any website.  Additionally you will find the domain registrar for the website which is also very important.

Below the WHOIS information will be a RED + Service Name button you can click to activate the service.  If you have already activated it, then there will be a BLUE Edit Service Name button for you to use to edit your credentials for this website activation.  So you have a color coded process to differentiate between activation's (Blue) and Non-Activation's (Red) to make it easy to spot the sites you want to activate or sites you want to manage.

If you have any questions or need help please send us a support ticket request and we will get back to you ASAP!