Scam free websites pre-loaded for faster activation's

Tons of scam free websites pre-loaded

When I originally engineered this system in 2002, it was very well received and people were adding everything and anything. 

It became a free for all, and was a bit of a disaster because we found ourselves housing Pyramids, Ponzi's and just plain SCAM sites.

Prior to Credential Manager in 2016 there was NO filtering and I had to do any filtering manually and of course I missed quite a few sites because of the volume of sites in the system.

The reason for pre-loading sites is mostly for convenience and giving members an EASY way to activate a site we already have a login page for and the WHOIS information on the record.  Activating any of the pre-loaded sites takes less than 10 seconds.

No Scams allowed So, with that, Credential Manager comes loaded with {servicecount} scam free Websites already in the system just waiting for you to activate them with your information.  

You will find Google, Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, Bing, Craigslist, Yahoo, Rackspace, Twitter, Apple, Best Buy, Bitly, Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIN, Wordpress, UPS, Walmart, and MANY more!

These {servicecount} sites are all scam free and known scams are filtered to protect our members.

Everyday I go to a site that TRACKS scams, ponzi's and pyramid sites and I put them into our filtration system to keep members from adding them to the public area's.

We do have a 2nd area called "Personal Websites" that you can use to add flagged and even forbidden sites to your Credential Manager if you want.  Any site added there is not put into the public area and it doesn't even have to render!

The personal websites area has the same processes to add, manage, and operate your selected website as the public area does.  It's just a way for our members to manage even flagged sites if they want.

If you want to see our list of scam sites & forbidden words go to our Badwords page.