Recent service additions (Last 30 days)

Credential Manager Recent page Credential Manager Recent Page

Welcome to your Recent page helper.  

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This page has all the sites that have been added in the last 30 days for you to review.  It will be in the order in which the sites were added with the MOST RECENT at the top.  

You will see the category the site is in as well as the date & time it was created. For every activated site you have on this page it will be using Blue buttons. For any non-activated site on this page the buttons will be Red.  This way you have an easy way to identify whether or not you have activated the site being listed.

At the top middle of the block you will find a drop down with a Recent Services count, which is how many websites are in Recent.  Use the drop down to find the service you are looking for in alphabetical order.  Find the service and select it with your mouse.  At the right you can activate it, display it, or visit it.

If there are more than 300 entries another page will be added to the block and you will see pagination button's appear as well. The pagination buttons will navigate to the following pages if that occurs.

Below the recent block display is the search block that you can use to find services by Name.  Just key in any portion of the name and all occurrences of the portion of the name you keyed in will appear on the results page.

If you have any questions do send us a support ticket and we will get back to you ASAP!