Pre-loaded websites monitored 24/7

All websites monitored 24/7

Because websites do come and go, we needed a way to make sure all public area sites are always rendering.

With the old vault system, I would have to do it manually and we had over 3,000 websites in the vault pretty much all the time.  It would take me about 6-8 hours to check EACH site to make sure it was still there and delete the ones not rendering anymore.  I did this 1-2 times a year.

However when I re-created Credential Manager in 2016, I didn't want this process to be manual.  So programming created a routine that would check every 12 hours every day to make sure all websites are rendering.

It is important that if you are looking at the pre-loaded websites that they are up and running.  It wouldn't make sense to activate a site that just isn't there, so all {servicecount} websites in the system are monitored two times a day, 7 days a week.

If any website comes up not rendering, then it is put into a holding area where real EYEBALLS will check it again to make sure it is down.  If it is down, the website is DELETED and all activation's associated with it are then removed.