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Welcome to your Non-Activation's page helper.  


Watch the short Activation's Video and learn how easy it is to add your websites to Credential Manager.

If you have not added any websites to your Credential Manager account, this is the BEST area to start, because we have {servicecount} websites in the system that are waiting for you to add them to your Credential Manager activation's.  It's very easy and QUICK to use the non-activation's area because all of the basic information is built into the website you want to activate through the non-activation's list of websites.  More than likely most of the websites you are using are already in our system.

We have sites such as Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Bing, Bitly, Blogger, Craigslist, Facebook, Google, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIN, Rackspace, Tumblr, Twitter, UPS, Walmart,, Wordpress, Yahoo and MANY more!


At the top middle of the block is your Service count for the sites you have NOT yet activated.  The drop down has all of the websites you have not yet activated, in alphabetical order.  Use the drop down to find a service you want to activate or look at.

Then select the service name you want to deal with, and click your mouse.  

The 3 buttons to your right are for the service selected.  To activate click the +Name button and a popup will appear.  Put in your credentials and save (Note: You can just click save without putting in any credentials).  Then the system will put that site into your activation's page and remove it from here, it's Activated!

The buttons available for use with the sites.

  1. + Name Button (Activate the site)
  2. Display (Display record button)
  3. Visit site (Visit site button)

You can use the display button to bring up the record for tags & WHOIS info.  The visit site button is for visiting the site if you want to go there.

To the upper right you will see how many activation's you are allowed and the + Add Website link to add a site for activation using an alternative which is useful for adding sites not yet in the database that you want to use.

Below the drop down is the search block for you to use to find services in the database BY NAME.  Just key in any portion of the name of the service and if it's there you will see it displayed in the search results.


After you have activated all the sites you want, go to the Activation's page to Use & Manage your activated Websites!

If you have questions please do submit a support ticket so we can help you.