How to use the Members News Feed

Members News Feed

How to use the Friends news feed

The purpose behind the Friends timeline from your Account area is to share personal & business experiences with your friends at My Social Network in an Eco-system friendly environment.  

You can comment on any item in your timeline.  If you want to post go to your WALL for that.

With that said there are some general rules of etiquette that need to be followed when making your posts:

1.  Always be polite and refrain from negative comments that are derogatory in nature.  

2.  Think of this area as a way to stay in communication with all your friends using the tools we mentioned above.    

3.  All content is to be G-Rated.  This means no pictures of material that you wouldn't want your kids to see, such as bikini clad women or anything that could be construed as provocative. This is not the place for posting those kinds of pictures so please don't post them.  

4.  Please refrain from posting your Business opportunities here as this area is not for that.  If you have a business you are promoting you have plenty of tools here to do that with and don't need to post it in the Members news feed.  Use My Circle to do that instead so that you are directly contacting your friend(s) instead of through the Members news feed.