Our History

Credential Manager History

     Welcome to the History of Credential Manager   

In the beginning in the year 2000 and 2001, I was finding myself in a bit of a mess.  I was joining websites and back then, there was NO browser management like we have today.

I found myself storing my credentials in a DOC file.  This is still the method many people use to store their credentials even today.  They will use Word, Notepad, a spreadsheet, and in fact I know someone who keeps a print out of their credentials with them at all times. 

All of this is unorganized and breaks down in several places, it's a disaster.

Also, even with browser management, that breaks down too, when you have multiple devices that you are using.  Each device has its own browser and it gets a little confusing even if you just have 5-10 sites you visit over 2-4 different devices with different browsers on each one.

Because I have always had multiple devices, it is necessary that I become centralized through a Cloud based process to manage and get to the websites I am using no matter what device I am using at the time.  I can even get to my stuff from someone else's computer!

So, because of the mess I had, in 2002 I engineered a comprehensive solution (The old Vault system)  and was very well received because there was NO one else doing this at that time.

Over the years there came competition, but NO ONE has anything as comprehensive as Credential Manager.  Most of my competition are focusing on website login credentials and financial credentials as well.

Whereas here at Credential Manager we are focused on ALL of the information associated with your websites for storage AND operations as well. We even have the WHOIS information on all of the {servicecount} website's in Credential Manager.

So, in 2015, after 13 years with the old vault system that had a lot of manual upkeep, we decided that we needed more automation and we wanted a more social environment for Credential Manager as well.

So, on October 4, 2016, Credential Manager was born.  It is so much better than the old vault solution with more automation and a good set of social tools as well.

Best regards,

Michael Blair