Favorites page help

Your FavoritesCredential Manager Favorites Page

Welcome to your Favorites page helper.  


If your favorites page is blank or empty go back to Activation's and click the Heart on a couple sites to put them in here.  Upon clicking an empty heart on the button display for the site selected, that will FILL the heart so you know it's been Favorited and it moves a copy to your Favorites page.

It's kind of like your Go To Websites that you use all the time so you want them in front of you.  Well now you can, by just a click of the mouse over the heart button.  It's that easy.

Then come to your Favorites page to get to your FAVORITE Websites that are all on a single page for easy access!

Use this page to set up all your favorite websites under a single page.

If you have any questions send us a support ticket request and we will get back to you ASAP.