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Watch the Dashboard Video to get an introduction to the 4 main areas.

WARNING: This is a G-Rated site.  If you post anything not G-Rated (Profile Description, Timeline, Feedback, etc.) your account can be deleted without notification.

PAGE CACHING:  Your browser caches pages as you go to them so the next time you visit the page, access time is faster.  This means the first time you hit the Dashboard page (Or any page) it might take up to 20 seconds to load.  However the next time you go to the Dashboard it will take less than 5 seconds depending on your Internet access.  When you CLEAR your Browser cache then you will be starting over with page caching.

Credential Manager Access:

The Dashboard page is NOT the Credential Manager area for managing your website credentials & information.  See below how to access Credential Manager.

PLEASE NOTE:  You MUST VALIDATE YOUR EMAIL (Within 3 days) in order to be an active member to access the Credential Manager area!  

To get to credential manager, click CREDENTIAL MGR from the top menu area.  That will take you to your activation's page with the sites you have activated.  

If you have not activated any websites yet, you may want to start in the NON-ACTIVATION'S page area where there are {servicecount} websites in the database waiting for you to activate them with your credentials. 

Dashboard Access:


This Dashboard page is split into 3 columns and the system uses BLOCKS to display information.  Blocks can be any size and are engineered for each page.  

The Dashboard has your Account block, and is a way to get to other areas of Credential Manager.  The Account block is on the 1st column of blocks at the top. 

You can also edit your profile from this block.  Additionally at the bottom of the block you will see any friends who are online and you can key in any message to them is the field next to their username.

From the dashboard, you can post messages to your friends timeline by using the "Post to your Wall" block on the 2nd column set of blocks. It is below your Social invite block.

Below the Post to your wall block is your friends timeline where you will see any post from another member that is designated as your friend.

On the 3rd column set of blocks at the top is a global chat box you can use to chat with whoever is online throughout the membership whether they are a designated friend or not. 

Below the global chat block is a subscribe block you can use to receive a training series of emails to help you to understand all of the different areas of the Credential Management area.


Looking at the bar below the top menu navigation on the left you will see the word 'Dashboard' (Your Avatar is just to the left) with a tick down link that will expose other link pages underneath 'Dashboard'.  

From here you can go to Credential Manager, Video training, Avatar, Help files, Connections, Stock Market Chart, Upgrade Membership, Privacy groups, Subscriptions, Unregister, Notifications, Cart, Payments, and more with the proper access..

If you need more help please do submit a Support Ticket and we will get back to you ASAP!