Cloud based access

Cloud based Credential Manager solution

Cloud based Credential Manager At Credential Manager, we are pleased to be able to bring you the latest tools for a Cloud based credential management solution to help you STREAMLINE your Website management and operations. 

Being Cloud based, it is internet centralized and so it doesn't matter what device you are using.

This means you have access to your credentials & information using any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone) from any browser anywhere in the World.  All the tools you need are right here and then some.

Most people depend on their browser management for their credentials or use Word, Notepad or a spreadsheet to keep the credentials and information for their websites.  However both of those things can break down in several scenario's.

Has your device ever broke down and crashed?  What happens to your browser management (Or Doc file) then?  It is completely gone and you have to KNOW your credentials to login again from a new device.

Also, what if you have 2 or more devices?  Then you have to setup your browser management for EACH additional device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone) and if you are alternatively storing information in Word, Notepad or a spreadsheet, you need this file on all of your devices!  It becomes messy and very confusing.  What about when you have to UPDATE this information on multiple devices?

But, with your credentials in the clouds it doesn't matter WHAT happens to ANY of your devices, or what device you are using because your information is internet centralized in ONE location that can be accessed from ANY device anywhere in the World!

In fact, we give you a newbie friendly process where ALL of your information & credentials are in ONE place.

With so many different devices and browsers it just makes sense to have this kind of Credential Management solution.  Even if your device crashes and burns, with all of your website information in the clouds, it's a perfect solution to a very messy situation.