CM Standard Membership

 Credential Manager

Managing your 'CM Standard' Membership

The CM Standard membership level is our Entry Level membership and is ONLY a $24.97 one time payment for access.

Please remember that Credential Manager is a G-Rated system and ALL content, photos, videos & sites promoted or displayed must be G-Rated as well. 

Here are some of the benefits of the 'CM Standard' membership (One time payment of $1.47):

  • Credential Manager (Public Area)
    • CM Standard Plus membership has a limit of 250 activation's between public & personal website area.
    • Centralize all your Personal & Marketing credentials using this powerful storage recovery solution.
    • All website logins are centralized for easy access to the site you want to login with a login button targeted to the login page.
    • Usernames & Passwords (AES 128 Encrypted) stored & managed through Credential Manager.
    • Marketing credentials such as Referral URLs, Banner Code, Email associations, start-page URLs & a large notes section.
    • All of your Email associations (Your Email, Website support, account manager, etc).
    • You also have an unlimited Any Info (Video, Banner codes, HTML Snippets, Security Q/A, etc).
    • Imagine having all your personal & Business credentials centralized that you can access with ANY device!
    • All websites added to Credential Manager are SCAM Free because we filter known SCAMS in the public area.
    • Additionally websites in the Public area are monitored for activity twice a day to make sure they are not down
  • Personal Websites activation's
    • CM Standard membership can activate up to 100 websites total between the public area & Personal websites area
    • Personal website activation's are PRIVATE and do NOT go into any of the public areas (Favorites, Categories, Search, etc.)
    • Four buttons for management of personal website area (Edit, Display, Login, Delete)
    • No domain monitoring of the websites added
    • There is NO filtering of any website added to the Personal area
    • Add & control the login link administered by you, the member
  • Affiliate link(s) for your hierarchy
    • When someone joins Credential Manager under your affiliate link(s), they are auto-befriended
    • Your homepage affiliate link is{memberID}
    • Add the ?refaqb={memberID} to ANY link in Credential Manager to promote it and your hierarchy will receive the signup
  • Worldwide Friends Timeline 
    • When you login you will have a Friends timeline that you can comment on in the community.
    • Post your thoughts, dreams, YouTube videos, links & Ideas to your friends in the community using the post to your wall block.
    • On the bottom panel of your browser are some icons of which one looks like a pencil & paper.  That is also where you can post to the timeline. 
  • No Scams in the Timelines
    • No one is allowed to post a scam in the timeline, because we have filtration of known domains that are scam sites.   If you attempt to post that domain it will be replaced with ***Not-Allowed*** and Admin is notified.
    • The reason why is we want a friendly place to visit with our friends & associates without being inundated with things we don't care about, or are illegal.
  • How to communicate with your friends
    • Just float your mouse cursor over the avatar of your friend and wait up to 5 seconds for the ACTION BLOCK to appear.  
    • Once the block appears you will have the ability to send them a message
  • Upload & add your own avatar
    • All membership levels can access the cartoon avatars that are available or upload your own picture for your avatar.
    • Avatars are useful to show everyone a small picture of yourself so we can identify you.  The default is the first letter of your name as your default avatar.
  • Your personal profile page with privacy control
    • You are provided a profile page that you can use for personal promotion.  
    • The page comes with a very nice image cover with a default image you can use.  You can also use your own image for a more customized look & feel that represents you.
    • On each block there is a gold key in the upper left that you can click for privacy control over THAT block.
    • In fact, you even have a site customizing button that you can click to change the look & feel of your profile!
    • Your Personal Profile link is based upon your Username (Example:
  • Groups
    • View & Browse groups added by other members (Only)
  • Project Manager
    • View and browse projects created by other members (Only)
  • Pets Module
    • View and browse pets added by other members (Only)
  • Unlimited Blogs for personal & Business use
    • View & browse blogs created by other members (Only)
  • Unlimited Events with a count down clock included
    • View & browse events added by other members (Only)
  • Photos
    • View & Browse photos added by other members (Only)
  • Ticket Support
    • All members have access to our ticket support system here at Credential Manager.
    • Click the tick-down from the your support ticket block in your Account manager or under Help, click submit a ticket.
    • Select your priority and let us know what you need help with and our friendly staff are there to help.

This entry level membership has quite a bit of access with your CM Standard membership, and it's only $24.97 ONE time!   

If you have any questions do send us a support ticket and we will get back to you ASAP!