Credential Manager CM Pro Membership

Credential Manager Pro Membership

Credential Manager CM Pro membership Credential Manager "CM Pro" Membership

The upgrade to CM Pro is a one-time payment of $49.97 and currently that gives you a Lifetime membership.  Here are the benefits of CM Pro that are NOT available as a Standard Plus member:

  1. Unlimited Public activation's
  2. Spillover members put into your hierarchy and auto-befriended
  3. Unlimited Personal activation's
  4. En mass activation's through category pages 
  5. One click social media posting (Scheduled upgrade - 2018)
  6. New tab extension activation
  7. Tracking Report in Affiliates area 
  8. Earn 20% commissions for any upgrade in your hierarchy

1.  Unlimited Public Activation's:  This means you can activate as many websites as you need to.  If you have 500 sites you can add them all to the database.  There is no limit to the amount of websites you can activate or add to the public activation's area, so you are covered.

2.  Spillover members:  When a new member signs up to Credential Manager that is not referred (No affiliate link ID), then that member is ASSIGNED to the next CM Pro member in the queue and is put into their hierarchy & auto-befriended.  Only CM Pro members are eligible for spillover signups.  (All Admin promotions in the social arenas & search engine articles do not use an affiliate link ID)

3.  Unlimited Personal activation's:  This gives you a PERSONAL section that is NOT a part of the public categories or in the Credential Manager database and you have UNLIMITED activation's.  It is for your PERSONAL activation's you don't want in the public database.  These sites are NOT filtered nor are they monitored.  You can put WHATEVER website(s) in for activation that  you want, even a flagged site can be added to the Personal database because it is ONLY available to you.  

4.  En mass category activation's:  This gives you the ability to activate any one or ALL sites in any given category.  Go to the categories page and select a category and you will have a process to activate ALL the sites in that category with a single click in the checkbox for each site display.  

5.  One click social posting:  This option will allow you to create up to 7 messages/images for a one click posting process to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Reddit.  With your CM Pro membership you will be able to record up to 7 messages per social area.  First, connect to your Social Media area and after connection you will be able to record your messages & images in each area you are connected to.  Then on any day you want to post, just SELECT the message stored you want to send for each area.  Then click the post button and each message will be posted to your timeline for you with just a single click!   (Scheduled upgrade 2018)

6.  New tab extension activation's:  This option if selected will make your credential manager intuitive so that if you are logged into your credential manager and open a new tab in the browser, and it is for another site that is NOT in your Activation's (Public or Personal), you can click an extension and a popup will appear displaying all the tabs that are NOT activated.  You will be able to put in your credentials for the sites you want to activate and close the ones you don't want to activate.  Additionally, you will have the option of adding each site to your Public or Personal activation's. This process will require the member to install an extension for the preferred browser. The browsers supported are Chrome & Firefox. 

7.  Tracking Report:  In the Affiliates area there is a link under the Referrals tick-down called Affiliate Tracking Report.  This is a way that CM Pro members can track their{memberid} links that they are promoting.  The report will have a FROM-TO set of date fields for the member to input for the dates that they want to search by.  The report itself will give total clicks, unique clicks and total banner impressions for any banners you are promoting.  If there are 25 total clicks then you will see a line item report with 25 lines to give you the I.P. that clicked, the date & time of click, the demographics (City, Country) of the click and the domain the click came through (,, etc.).  It will entail graphs & even a map for the demographics to display the information that way also.  

8.  Earn 20% Commissions:  As a CM Pro member you will earn 20%  commissions for anyone that upgrades to CM Pro within your hierarchy!  That's 19.59 for each upgrade.  That means with 5 upgrades in your hierarchy your CM Pro membership is FREE. Don't forget that with spillover coming into your hierarchy you are benefiting from all non-referred members that come to Credential Manager and join for free.  If they upgrade later that is $19.59 in your pocket and you didn't have to promote!

These are just a few of the mounting list of upgrades that are in the QUEUE for development.  All upgraded members are eligible for these and future upgrades as founding members.  Take advantage of it now while management is still offering such a ridiculous price for CM Pro for that matter!

If you have any ideas for Credential Manager let us know by submitting a ticket.