Adding your websites

Add a site Welcome to Add a Website for Credential Manager

You will see this popup page helper the first time you come to this page.  Afterwards to see it again float your mouse over the white question mark on the upper right hand of this page.  A menu will pop out, click the title to bring up this popup again.

Watch the Add Your Website video overview training

The add website form just requires you to put in the DOMAIN for the site you are adding.  You ONLY need to key in the actual (Whatever the domain is) and no HTTP/HTTPS or WWW. is needed.  In fact if you do put in the whole address you WILL get an error saying invalid domain.  So, just put in the itself and then click the check domain button.

So, whatever site you are adding just put in the and that is all that is required.  Once you put the (Example: the system will check the domain for 2 things.

  1. Does this domain already exist?  If it does then the service name will come in for you into the activation box, and you can put in your credentials or leave it blank and and click save.  If the is NOT in the Database already then you will have to put in the name of the service in the activation box, and if you know the login link you can add that as well as any credentials you wish to add.  You can also just add your initial credentials and save.  Once you click save, the site is put into your activation's area.  (Activations Page)
  2. Is the domain a known porn, scam or Ponzi?  If it is, you will get a message telling you that this domain is a filtered site, and you will be allowed to ADD it, but it will NOT be listed in any of the public pages.  The filtered site will then be moved to an administrative holding area and the Admin notified.  While it is in holding it cannot be activated by anyone until it is validated by the Admin.  Additionally, there will be no activation box to put in your Credentials and it will just be added to your activation's page.  You will see a popup letting you know the site was added and activated, and you will see the NAME of the site in the blue popup..

It's pretty easy.  All you have to do is put in the domain without the http/https or the www and the system will do the rest.  


If you have to put in the Name of the service then please do include your affiliate link (Referral URL) for this site if it has one, into the Bookmark area.  The reason why, is THAT link will be the TOP referral URL for this website and the Visit Site button associated with the site will be linked to THAT URL forever!  That means when someone else is looking at this site and clicks the visit site link, they will be going to YOUR affiliate link for that service!  Even if you don't have an affiliate link, you SHOULD put in a link into the Referral bookmark slot so the website is credited to YOU for the addition.  Later on if you do get an affiliate process just click the change URL button in your activation and the Admin will be notified and will make the change for you!

That's it.  It's really very easy and can be beneficial to YOU to add new sites to the database.