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Credential Manager Activation's PageWelcome to your Credential Manager Activation's!

Welcome to your Credential Manager activation's page.  


Watch the short Credential Manager video and learn how easy it is to add your websites.

IMPORTANT!  You must validate your Email within 3 days to become an active member and have access to the Credential Manager areas.  If you fail to validate your email in 3 days your membership account can be deleted.

WHAT IS AN ACTIVATED WEBSITE:  When you add a website to your Credential Manager, this is what we refer to as an ACTIVATED WEBSITE.

This page is where your ACTIVATED Websites that you add will appear.  From here you can completely manage and operate all of your activated websites.


If you have not activated any sites yet, you may want to go to the NON-ACTIVATION'S page area where there are {servicecount} websites waiting for you to activate them with your credentials.  Use the pull-down from the Non-Activation's block to select the sites you want to activate. You will find that the websites are in alphabetical order to make it easy to locate your site(s).  Only the websites you have NOT yet activated will be in this area.  It's a very quick process to activate your sites from this page and you don't even have to put in any credentials to activate the website.


DISPLAY LOGIN INFO BUTTON:  In the upper right hand side on the toolbar you will find a button (Show/Hide) called "Display login info" and is used for you to SHOW your username/password in the drop down that holds your activated website name for use.  After clicking the "Show" the username/password will display to the right of the name of the website in the drop down menu for ALL of the sites you have activated.  This way you have a quick process to KNOW what your login credentials are BEFORE you go to the website.  After you click the "Show" the button will change to "Hide".  If you click the hide button then your username/password will no longer be visible until you click the show button.  The default is to hide your login credentials.  


Use the drop down at the top middle of the activation's block where you see how many services you have activated.  Select the site you want and then use the blue button you wish for whatever you are doing. (See below for button descriptions and what they do)


At the top upper right of the block is an  + Add Website link. You can use this to add a Website you are a member of and after clicking the link you put in the of the website you want to activate.  The system does a look up and if that domain is in the system it will be brought in for you to add your credentials and activate.  If it is NOT in the database then you will be ADDING a new domain to the system.  You just key in the name of the service, put in your credentials and if you know the login link great, if not then click save. The site will be ADDED to your activation's page.

There are up to 7 button icons under the drop down and are for editing your credentials, and other operation's.  Please look below to see what they do.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will not see ANY of these buttons below until you activate at least ONE Website.

  1. Edit siteThe Edit Service Name button is for you to use to edit this record to add credentials.
  2. Display site info The display button displays the entire record including WHOIS information
  3. Visit site The visit site button is tied to the TOP referral url of the site.  If you ADDED the site to the database then that URL is yours system wide
  4. Log in buttonThe login button will take you to the login page for that site activation
  5. Deactivate siteThe trash button is to remove this activation.  If you do that any credentials saved will be removed as well.
  6. Favorite sites The heart button is for you to click if you want to favorite this site.  If you do, the heart will fill up  and the site will be added to your favorites page.
  7. Start-Page Button If you filled in the Start-Page link then this button will appear below the drop down for you to use for operations and you can put ANY link you want to use this option for an additional process for this Website.


There are 4 area's for each activation that you can add UNLIMITED line items for.

  1. Usernames & Passwords (Encrypted)
  2. Email Associations (Yours, Support, account manager, etc.)
  3. Bookmark links (Social, Affiliate, Video, etc.)
  4. Any Information (Security Q/A, HTML Snippets, Banner code, embed code, etc.)


After you activate your website, you will have an EDIT button you can use to edit all of the information for the 4 areas and even more.

Initially for each area you have a Name field and then the information or credentials field.  There are 2 extra fields for the Username & password area only.  All other area's have just the Name field and the information field for that area.

The NAME field is what you are going to TITLE the line item and this will appear in Bold when displayed using the display button.

For each area you are editing there is a PLUS button you can click to add a NEW line of information.  You can click this button as many times as you need for each area giving you the ability  to have UNLIMITED line items for EACH of the 4 area's.

Once you are finished editing the information you want, click the update button at the bottom of the popup and your information added will be saved to the record..


If you think about it there are many applications for the four area's, the notes section and even using the start-page link being defined for your activation's.  Here is what I mean.

  1. Under the User/Pass area you can have multiple applications such as Control panel logins, Plesk logins, FTP logins, MyPHP Admin, Online Email logins (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc.) and more
  2. Under the Bookmarks area you can designate ANY bookmark link such as Blog links, Facebook page links, Profile links, Social links, Article links or any other link 
  3. Under the Email area you may have more than one email association and even can designate the Websites support email and other company emails
  4. Under the Any Info area you can have Banner codes, HTML Snippets, Scripts, Security Questions/Answers (Using the name field for Question) and more.  That's why it's called Any Info, because you can put ANYTHING in there!
  5. Use the start-page link for ANY additional link you want to use the start-page button for, it doesn't have to be limited to traffic exchanges
  6. Use the extensive Notes area for any content for the Website including even the Welcome Email from the website when you join

Remember that EACH AREA above has a NAME field for titling the line item and it is BOLD for clarity when displaying the record.  There are a LOT of applications for the Naming of each line within the four different areas for your activated website(s).

In fact, you can get very creative and use Credential Manager for literally ANYTHING you need documented for the websites you are promoting and using.  With the flexibility to add this kind of information to your website management solution you have truly a comprehensive process that covers anything you need to manage for all of your activated websites!

The last block after activation's is a Search box that you can use to find services in the database by name.  Key in any portion of the name of the service and if it's in the database you will see the same results type page as for the tags search including the sites WHOIS information being displayed.


Our Generate Password button does integrate with your Activated services.  When you initially come to this Credential Manager area (Activation's page), the menu selector is set to NO SERVICE SELECTED.  

If you click the Password Generator button while the "no service selected" is displaying then the password generator will NOT integrate with any of your activated services. 

After clicking the generate password button, a popup will appear.  You can then make your check-mark selections and then determine the length of the generated password.  Click the Generate button and the password will be generated, then displayed and copied to your clipboard for you.  You can then apply it as you wish.

However, if you DO have any activated service displaying and click the generate password button, then it WILL integrate with the service selected.  Use the password generator as prescribed above and after it is done, additionally it will use the first slot available in the usernames & passwords area to put in the generated password for the service selected.  You will also have a popup come up to show you the password was generated for the service selected. The new line item will be named, "Password Generated on [Today's date]".  That way you have a record of when the password was generated and put into the activated service for you.

You will still have to go to the website service and change your password there to the generated password (If you want), and the password will still be copied to your clipboard for you, so you just have to paste it out where you need it.  With this integration we have made it easier for you to put any newly generated password into your activated websites.

CM Pro Members: Enable New Activation extension

There is an option called "Enable New Tab Activation" on the activation's block for CM Pro members with an enable & disabled link underneath it on the lower left hand side of the block.  If you want to install this extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser click the disabled (Default) link option.  A popup will appear and the link will change to say enabled.  Install the extension and then click the link to make it show DISABLED so you don't keep getting the popup asking you to install the extension.  Once the Credential Manager shield icon is visible to the right of your browser address bar, the extension is installed.

When you have multiple tabs open and are logged into your Credential Manager, you can click the shield icon extension and after a minute or two, the sites that are in your tabs that are NOT activated will appear.  Put a check-mark in the site you want to activate and make your selection between Public activation's or Personal Website activation's.  Then click the update button on the bottom and you are done.  For every site you check-marked it will be put into your activation's block.

 If you run into a snag do let us know with a Support ticket so we can help you ASAP!