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If you have never been to our RSS News Feeds Top Menu area you are missing out on a TREMENDOUS resource with over 1,000 articles monthly at times.  This system was added so that we can provide an excellent news resource that is fresh and full of pertinent content.

We cover such areas as Insights for marketers, MLM Scam & reporting feeds, FTC (Consumer protection), Digital currency, Technology, MLM Reporting, Justice News (Justice Dept), Securities Exchange Commission feed & more.

There are a few feeds there already that are producing quality information that is very useful and freely available here at My Social Network.  It is proving to be an excellent resource and if you have a feed you would like to see, let us know via support ticket or if you are a Business member you can post your feed directly into the block in RSS feeds.

If you don't know what an RSS Feed is, essentially it is an automated way to keep up with new content added to any website or blog.  RSS is very useful and powerful, yet pretty easy to use.  In fact here at Credential Manager, we make it super easy by providing the latest information fetched through the RSS Feeds system daily.  You don't have to know anything about RSS and can access EXCELLENT information that is tailor made for the Online business person.

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