Project Manager We have implemented a Project Management tool on the site. It gives the ability to create projects and subsequently manage all of its aspects such as Clients, Project Sponsors, Project Members and Project Tasks.

We have made this available for all levels of membership.  You will find it under PROJECT in your top menu options.

A Project can be listed with details of its implementation, expected completion date and can also include document, photo and video attachments.


Ability to input details of Client(s) that the Project is being developed for.


Many Projects require the assistance of Sponsors to realize their goals.

Each Project has the ability to list the details of any Sponsors that it is affiliated with.


Ability to input details of multiple members that are assigned to the Project.

Members can be assigned different Roles such as Team Leader, Project Manager etc.


Task are the various functions that must be performed in order to successfully implement a project. Project Tasks includes the following features :

Task Assignment - Tasks can be assigned to one or more members of the Team. An assignment tracking block displays the history of assignments on the task view page.

Task Members - A block on the task view page lists the details of members currently assigned to a the task.

Task Notes - It is possible to post notes about a specific task. This is a handy way to keep a historical record of what is happening with a particular task.

Task Attributes - There are various attributes of a Task that can be updated to provided meaningful info on the progress of the Task. Each of these attributes has various options and they are implemented as Predefined Lists so the site administrator can manage the options. The attributes included with the module are :

   Priority (eg. Critical, Needs to be fixed etc.)

   Reproducability (eg. Rarely, Often etc.)

   Resolution (eg. Can't Reproduce, Resolved etc.)

   Severity (eg. Critical etc.)

   Status(eg. Near Completion, Being worked on etc.)

Task Calendar - This is shown on the Task View page and allows browsing of Tasks that were created on a particular date.

Tasks can be categorized as :

   General Task
   Bug Report


Project Status can be updated and a corresponding reason provided. The project can be flagged as completed, On-Hold or Cancelled.

A block on the Project view page displays the history of status updates made to the Project.


Ability for Project Administrator to send broadcast messages to members of the project.


Ability to add multiple persons as Administrator of a Project.


Ability for Project Administrators to accept Donations. This is handled via Paypal. 

Administrator can decide whether or not donors are listed on the Project View page.

With this in place you can gather your teams and build extensive projects and manage ALL aspects of your project!  

What an awesome tool for Credential Manager and its members!

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