Credential Manager logoBacking up your credentials is a must

In this day & age it is becoming more necessary to have a solid recovery or backup solution for your credentials that is NOT browser based.  

The problem with totally depending on the browser is the browser is a single program on a single device. However, most people have multiple devices and even use a different browser on the different devices they access their sites with.

There is a very simple solution for backing up all your credentials no matter what device or browser you are using with Credential Manager.


Using Credential Manager is a simple solution, because it is in the clouds and you can access it with any device from anywhere in the World through the Internet!

Go to Credential Manager today and get your websites centralized.for free.

With Credential Manager you have an easy to use storage and recovery solution for your login credentials (Encrypted), links, embed codes, email associations and more.

In fact there are currently {servicecount} Websites in the database waiting for you to add them to your Credential Manager and it's free.  The login links are also stored FOR you with every website in the system and you don't even have to think about that anymore.  You just login to your Credential Manager and use it to get to your Websites using the login button below your website activation!  

If the Website you want to add isn't already in the database you can add it in seconds and put in your credentials for an easy solution to have all your Websites centralized and in the clouds safe & secure.

Once you add your sites, all of the websites you go to will be centralized and in the clouds for easy access.  Their information is backed up and will always be there waiting for you to recover it or even login knowing your credentials BEFORE you go to the website!  It's truly an amazing solution to the madness of all the website credentials that are being used and always needing recovery.

No more clicking the forgot password or having to login to a Website for promotional links or embed code. You can easily store it all ONCE in your Credential Manager and it is always there waiting for you to access it.  

This is how to back up your credentials the easy way!

Go to Credential Manager today and get your sites backed up and centralized!

Michael Blair
Credential Manager
CEO & Founder

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