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Credential Manager will be unveiling its World class Credential Manager in September of 2016.  

Every day credentials are becoming more and more a part of our DAILY LIVES.

This is especially true for the online Business person.  I am referring to anyone online doing any kind of Business or Marketing because you have a tendency to be involved with a few websites to say the least.

With Credential Manager you will have a free credential management solution ito CENTRALIZE all your Personal & Marketing credentials.  I am referring to your usernames (Encrypted), passwords (Encrypted), email associations, referral URLs, banner code, start-page URLs and even the WHOIS info for EVERY SINGLE website you are working with.  

This will provide a safe & secure environment for ALL of the important information as it pertains to your Business.  

Have you ever LOST a desktop/laptop/tablet/phone and all the information that was on it?  Have any of these devices ever failed you?  Anyone older than 12 has probably experienced such a thing in their life.  We ALL have.  

The solution to managing your credentials is not on your local computer.  Your computer isn't centralized and is also subject to attack from hackers.

The solution is in the clouds for centralization to ALL your devices (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phones) to access your credentials and keeps it away from prying eyes.  

Here at Credential Manager it is easy to use and provides a SOLID backup for all your online Business activities too.

You will have all of your Marketing information stored and we give you an EASY retrieval system as well.  This includes logging into the site with your credentials right in front of you.

Imagine never having to HUNT for a Referral URL of a site you are promoting.  You will have it stored and have an EASY retrieval system to use for all your websites.

There is even a notes section for you to use for unlimited notes on any website you have stored.

Go to Credential Manager and give us a like!

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