Samizdat Online syndicates banned news sites by hosting them on uncensored domainsallowing people to access independent reporting.
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Plus: Hive ransomware gang gets knocked offline, FBI confirms North Korea stole $100 million, and more.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
ADS-B Exchange, beloved for resisting censorship, was sold to a company owned by private equityand now even its biggest fans are bailing.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
The escalating risks of Russias war in Ukraine have led scientists to study the unthinkable and model the aftermath of nuclear detonation.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
Employees of outsourcing company Majorel have accused it of underpaying moderators and failing to support them.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
The IT Army of Ukraine saw a huge influx of first-time hackers. But what happens to them after the war?Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
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