While it had been my intent to write an article about the major principals of OneCoin, recent events involving OneCoin made it imperative that this update be written before the article on the major principals of OneCoin.

These are the important issues you need to be aware of: OneCoin Banking Issues and OneCoin Regulatory Issues.


Since the launch of OneCoin, OneCoin has now gone through twenty different bank accounts. At the present time they do not have a banking relationship with any bank, and thus members can no longer wire funds to purchase coins. OneCoin has also had bank accounts in shell companies they formed since so many banks had refused to do business with OneCoin, so they used shell companies trying to mask their true identity. They have used these shell company names: One EUX, LLC; International Marketing Services; Vernada Trading Pte. Ltd; Zala Group LTD; IMS Marketing Tanzania Ltd; International Marketing Services Pte. Ltd; IMS International Marketing services GmBH; Educamax Services SRL; Foshan Everbright Import & Export Company Limited; and Eastern Project Investments Limited.

Their Merchant Processor, China Union Pay, account was closed April 30, 2016. It was then re-opened as New China Union Pay Intl on May 10, 2016. These cards issued through New China Union Pay Intl was for OneCoins China investors only. Then on or about November 17, OneCoin announced that these cards had been disabled.

Now stop and ask yourself, if OneCoin is this great transparent company, and claiming to be the most transparent company ever, why would they use shell companies instead of their own company name to their company bank accounts?

What we do know is that OneCoin has changed banks every time there was an announcement that OneCoin was under investigation in the country where they were banking, or the country issued a warning to their citizens about OneCoin. We believe the arrests of the four Chinese Promoters of OneCoin and the ongoing investigation by the Chinese authorities into OneCoin was responsible for the cards issued through New China Unio Pay Intl were ceased.

Of the last four bank accounts that were opened by OneCoin in a shell company name, one account was closed within 24 hours, another one was closed within a week and the other two were closed within two weeks. The banks closing these accounts had regulatory issues with OneCoin or thsese bank accounts would not have been closed.


In my initial article I had mentioned that the UK was the latest in a long list of countries that had either issued a warning about OneCoin or had OneCoin under investigation. These investigations have continued. Now Viet Nam has opened an investigation into OneCoin.

OneCoin was registered in Gilbrator as a Gilbrator Corporation, but maintained only a virtual office there through AMS Company Management. OneCoin was registered in Gilbrator as OneCoin Limited. Ruja Ignatovas mother, Veska Ignatov, laundered money through this Gibraltor Corporation via Pegaron Invest Limited, a Bulgarian company.

On February 2, 2016, AMS Company Management Limited issued a statement declaring OneCoin does not have the authority to use their mailing address. To further complicate matters, Ruja Ignatov on August 26, 2016 filed an application to strike OneCoin Limited off the Gibraltor companies registrar. The OneCoin website no longer has any reference to Gilbrator, but the OneLife website provides a corporate address in Belize for OneLife Network LTD. The address given shows it belongs to Ally Professional Services LTD, another virtual office location.

Adding to OneCoins legal woes continued with criminal charges being filed against Laurent Loius, a major OneCoin promoter in Belgium. He has been charged with pyramid selling, fraud, money laundering and violation of common and banking laws. It is expected that Laurent Loius will be arraigned early this coming week (Nov 28) before the judge to answer to why he appeared at a OneCoin event on Saturday, Nov 26, when told he must stop all presentations and Interent Marketing. Because of this criminal complaint, it now makes it possible that the Belgium authorities will start an investigation into OneCoin itself. Just one more in a now a long list of countries either warning their citizens not to participate of conducting investigations into OneCoin.

OneCoin has now told its members that they cannot mention they are buying cryptocurrency, but must say they are buying educational material. Failure to do so will be the closure of your account and you will be banned from OneCoin forever. So much for transparency.


There is no doubt in my mind that OneCoin is a Ponzi, but it is an elaborate onei. I have said it was a Ponzi from the very first time I read about them. If my initial article and this updated article has not convinced you this is a Ponzi, then all I can do is wish you all the best, and please dont invest more than you can afford to lose, because at this late stage of the game you will lose it all.

We are already seeing signs OneCoin is about to do a runner. There is no way they will stick around long enough for all the regulatory agencies from all the countries who are doing investigations file charges against them. There is also no doubt that OneCoin has hidden hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions dollars, that will never be able to be returned to the victims of OneCoin when they run, and run they will. If by a miracle the authorities would file charges before OneCoin does a runner, these hidden monies will never be found to return to the true victims. They have had too long to set up their exit plan and escape with the billions they have taken in.

It is not going to be much longer before all those who have claimed that I, and Eagle, do not know what we are talking about, we have no facts to back up anything negative I have said about OneCoin, and all the others who have exposed OneCoin for the Ponzi it is, will soon be proven right. The only real question left is will they run before Christmas or try to make it into the first quarter of 2017 before they run.? My bet is on before Christmas, but even if I am wrong on when, I will not be wrong on they will run, unless as I said above a miracle happens and the authorities shut them down first.

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