What if theres nothing? Then we learned, there is nothing.
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At the heart of our own Milky Way galaxy is a big, black holeand NASA just snapped a photo of it.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
A mysterious object that repeatedly bursts with ultra-powerful radio waves must live in an extreme environment.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
It weighs as much as 780 million suns and helped to cast off the cosmic Dark Ages. But now that astronomers have found the earliest known black hole, they wonder: How could this giant have grown so big, so fast?Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
A number of high-energy anomalies raised hopes that astrophysicists had seen their first direct glimpses of dark matter. New studies suggest a different source may be responsible.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
Astronomers are mystified by a strange star explosion in a distant galaxy that might be a relic from an earlier cosmological era.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
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Michael Blair
Time is your GREATEST asset
29.12.2017 (29.12.2017)
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