The top securities regulator in Massachusetts raised concerns on the bitcoin bubble and called the bitcoin market "entirely speculation."
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When South African authorities initially announced a criminal investigation into BTC Global back in March, investor losses were pegged at $50 million. Following analysis of 27,500 investor complaints and an ongoing investigation, the figure has now climbed to $80 million. The last figure was provided by South African Police yesterday, amid confirmation authorities have been [Continue reading...] Source: BTC Global Team Ponzi losses climb to $80 million Source: Behind MLM - Scams & Reporting
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In a May 25th press-release addressing digital tokens, the Singapore government has singled out OneCoin and BitConnect as Ponzi pyramid schemes. After fleshing out what digital tokens are, the government moves on to “What else could jeopardize my digital token investment?” Your digital tokens are stored in a digital wallet. Similar to digital token intermediaries, [Continue reading...] Source: Singapore govt refers to OneCoin & BitConnect as Ponzi pyramids Source: Behind MLM - S…
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WIREDs Alex Davies and Aarian Marshall join this weeks Gadget Lab podcast to talk all things transportationand yes, that includes Elon Musk. Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
If you’re like me you’re sick of receiving and insta-deleting GDPR emails. So I’ll spare you the irritation of receiving another one and just address the GDPR and how it affects BehindMLM and your use of our website here. BehindMLM doesn’t operate out of the EU, nor do we do any business there. Personally I [Continue reading...] Source: BehindMLM and the GDPR Source: Behind MLM - Scams & Reporting
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ZeppelinOS wants to incentivize developers to create smart contract libraries which they can then improve, stamping out bugs and standardizing code.Source: Coin Desk - Digital currency
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