Shape memory alloys could make plane wings that flap, to reduce drag, or increase stability in supersonic flight.
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Following the granting of an appeal in favor of the Zeek Rewards Receiver, VictoriaBank has filed a rehearing petition. In the April 9th petition, VictoriaBank reasserts the validity of the District Court’s order. At its heart, the District Courts Order granting Victoriabanks motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction was based on a finding [Continue reading...] Source: VictoriaBank seeks rehearing on granted $13.1 mill Zeek funds appeal Source: Behind MLM - Scams & Reporting
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A former employee of a U.S. government contractor in Afghanistan pleaded guilty today to foreign transportation of approximately $104,000 in stolen money. The former employee admitted stealing the money from another employee who received the money in illegal kickbacks from an Afghan subcontractor in return for that employees assistance in obtaining subcontracts on a U.S. government contract.Source: Justice News - Cyber-crime
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