The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced a $1.658 billion budget request for fiscal year 2019 to support its core mission and expand oversight and enforcement in emerging areas such as financial innovation, market structure and cybersecurity. The SECs funding is offset by matching collections of fees on securities transactions and is budget and deficit neutral.

This years budget request reflects our top priorities of protecting investors and making sure we continue to have the most vibrant and well-functioning capital markets in the world," said Chairman Jay Clayton. With the exceptional work and commitment of dedicated staff, the SEC will continue striving to maintain and expand an environment conducive to capital formation while ensuring investor protection.

The SECs budget request would support 4,628 positions and enable the agency to enhance its efforts in its key market-facing Divisions and Offices, including Enforcement; Compliance, Inspections and Examinations; Trading and Markets; Investment Management; and Corporation Finance, as well as expand cybersecurity capabilities, leverage technology, and better oversee evolving markets.

In order to keep up with the rapid pace of technology advancement in the areas the SEC regulates, the request seeks a $45 million increase in funding for information technology enhancements to support the agencys cybersecurity capabilities, risk and data analysis, enforcement and examinations, and automation of business processes. The fiscal year 2019 budget request level is a 3.5 percent increase over the fiscal year 2018 budget request of $1.602 billion.

The SEC was established in 1934 to protect investors, maintain fair and orderly markets, and facilitate capital formation. The agency today oversees more than 4,100 exchange listed public companies, $74 trillion in annual securities trading and the activities of nearly 27,000 registered market participants, including brokers, dealers and investment advisors. The SEC serves as the first line of defense in safeguarding the interests of Main Street investors.

The full budget request is available at

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