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Fried onion meets 1984.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
17 hours ago · From Wired - Emerging technologies News
The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Domenick Migliorato, a former supervisor of the securities lending desk at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Financial Services LLC (ICBCFS), has agreed to settle charges for hisSource: Securities Exchange Commission
4 days ago · From Securities Exchange Commission
Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and newcomer Tom Steyer are set to take the stage in Ohio Tuesday night.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
The departures of Visa, Mastercard, and three others mean that more than ever, Libra is Facebooks cryptocurrency project.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
A new proof-of-concept hardware implant shows how easy it may be to hide malicious chips inside IT equipment.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
A new machine learning model suggests small tweaks to your outfit, points to the future of algorithm-based fashion advice.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
The toy company has partnered with a logistics company to collect, wash, and redistribute used Lego pieces as part of its sustainability goal.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
In the sublet economy, you can turn anything into extra cash: your house, your car, your boat, or your backyard.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
Researchers have found a potential silver lining in so-called adversarial examples, using it to shield sensitive data from snoops. Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
Network Marketing and Direct Selling companies in India are facing a lot of problems while operating in the Country. The current provision of criminal proceedings in the case of discrepancies is hampering the growth of these companies in India. Hence these Direct selling companies have urged the Indian Government to extend protection under the Consumer […] The post Network Marketing Companies seek protection under Consumer Protection Act appeared first on MLM News. Source: Networking Eye -…
28.09.2019 · From Networking Eye - MLM Reporting
Two former intelligence community whistle-blowers say the life of whoever wrote the Trump-Ukraine complaint has been permanently altered.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
An eventful week on Capitol Hill is only the beginning of a very long road. Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
Opinion: Grounded by mid-20th-century technology, air traffic controllers cannot handle the ongoing rise of commercial airlines and drones.Source: Wired - Emerging technologies News
The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged three foreign individuals, Gil Beserglik, Raz Beserglik and Kai Christian Petersen, with deceiving U.S. investors, including vulnerable retirees, and causing them to lose tens of millions of dollarsSource: Securities Exchange Commission
26.09.2019 · From Securities Exchange Commission
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