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Recent Page for the last 30 days

When you click the Recent link you will see all sites added within the last 30 days.

You will see the creation date and the display is in chronological order. The sites will display with the most recent submission at the top.

You will find activated (Blue) and non-activated sites (Red) being listed on this page with their respective buttons available.

In fact, you can toggle the "Display Login Info" show/hide for your user/pass to display on sites you have activated in the Recent page in the upper right hand corner of the display box..

The purpose behind this page is for you to see the activity of site submission(s) and to see whats new in the last 30 days that have come into the Credential Manager. You will be provided with the date it was created as well as the category it is in.

You can manage any activation that pops up as well as click the RED +Service Name to activate any new service being displayed on the recent page.

We hope you find it useful and it is our intention to always be adding pertinent excellent sites into the Credential Manager and this page does give you a way to track the submissions within a 30-day radius.

Best regards,

Michael Blair 
Credential Manager


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