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This is your Personal Websites Area for adding anything and it is NOT monitored or filtered

The "Personal Websites" area is a separate area for all members to access.  If you are a Standard plus member you will be able to activate 250 websites total for the entire system, but you do have access to this area too.

Credential Manager is actually split into two areas for access.  The public area AND the personal websites area.  

The public area is comprised of the activation's page, the recently added websites page, the non-activation's page, the featured sites page, the favorites page, the categories page and the search page.  

However, the personal website area works much differently than the public area and only has a non-activation's block for activation's in the personal area. This block is right below the activation's block in the Personal area.

Here you can add any website and it is NOT filtered or screened in any way. In fact the sites you create here will not even be seen by the admin or any other members at all. It is totally private and you can add whatever site you want to manage, even sites that are forbidden in the public area or are against policy. 

The reason for this is simple, it's a private area exclusively for YOU to use however you want to and is PRIVATE.  None of the sites you create are put into the categories pages and in fact there are no categories here. 

The sites you create are not seen by any other members unlike the public activation's page where when you create a site, it goes to the category page and is accessible by other members. 

This is a totally PRIVATE area. The sites you create will display on the Personal Websites block and right below that block are ALL the non-activation's sites in the system that you can activate HERE as well.  

Any site you activate from the NON-ACTIVATION'S block in this area will only be put here in your personal website area. They will NOT be activated in the Activation's page in the public area, only here. 

If the site is an active website and resolves then the WHOIS information will be retrieved and you will see that info when you click the display button for the site selected. 

You will only have 4 buttons to use in managing your Personal activation's. 

  1. The Edit Service button is for you to use to edit this record to add credentials and edit the ones there. Inside this area for sites you CREATE that are not in the system you will ALSO have control over the login link button. If you activate a non-activation's website the login link is already set for you by administration. When you are editing the user/pass (Encrypted), referral urls, banner code, or emails there is also a NAME field which allows you to NAME this line. If you have multiple credentials in any area this will help you to know what each one is for by displaying its name above the line and is in Bold print so you have a distinct title above the line item.
  2. The Display button displays the entire record including WHOIS information. You will also see the username/password, Referral URL (Any link), banner code (Any HTML snippet), email associations, start-page link and your notes section.
  3. The Login button is tied to the login link you specify or will default to the domain that you created when initially setting up this website if you created it and didn't include a login link.
  4. The Trash button is for you to use to remove this activation. When you click it, a warning popup will appear to make sure this is what you want to do. If you do deactivate this site it is removed along with the credentials you put into it. Please make sure this is what you want to do, the information can't be brought back once deleted.  You can re-activate the site but you will have to start over.

The whole idea behind this area is to give everyone an alternative to the public area for activating websites.  Just remember it is TOTALLY private and even the admin doesn't receive any reporting on the sites added to this area.  You can even add sites that are flagged into this area.

If you have any questions please do send in a support ticket for help with this area.

Best regards,

Michael Blair
Credential Manager

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