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The Non-Activation's page is there to display ALL the Website services in the Database that you have NOT yet activated.  There are currently {servicecount} websites in Credential Manager there waiting for you to activate them.

It's a great place to start when you haven't activated anything. It is setup much like the activation's page except it holds all the Websites you have NOT yet activated that are in the database.

There is a pull down menu that contains ALL the non-activation's for you to use. It's in alphabetical order so if you know the name of the service, just find it and click it to select it. To the right you will see the RED "+Service Name" activate button along with the display and login buttons. The display button if clicked, will give you WHOIS info when you scroll down in the popup.

To activate a site just click the RED "+Service Name" button and that will bring up a popup that you can use to add your credentials and website information to your Credential Manager.  Once you click the save button the popup will disappear and the site will be taken out of the non-activation's area and put into your public activation's area.  If you don't want to add anything you can still click the save button and the site will activate.

The purpose behind this page is for you to find the sites you are working with and activate them for your Credential Manager. You can use pull-down menu system to find and select the sites to activate.

It is very easy to use and will help you in building up your Credential Manager.

Best regards,

Michael Blair
Credential Manager

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