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A bird’s eye view of your activation's using the Category page 

The category page is a great resource for you to use for a variety of reasons. You will be able to see the ENTIRE database of services (Currently {servicecount} websites) on a single page that is all categorized neat and tidy.

When you float your mouse cursor over any category link, a tool-tip comes up explaining the category so you know what type of site(s) to expect for that category. This will help greatly in determining what level of interest you might have for that category.

As a resource you can't beat it, because the category page has every single website in the database all neat and tidy by category.

You can easily browse the category links and see what is there that might be of interest. We use it as a resource ourselves and tag the sites we like using. It's a great way to deal with all our activation's and discover new ones.

If there isn't a category to suit your needs for any site you want to add, just send in a ticket request or a contact request and we will come a running to assist you. 

All category creation is an Admin function so you can't create any new categories for any service you end up being the CREATOR for. So, when you do CREATE a NEW Website the category selected defaults to Review. From there the Administrator determines the category for the service added.

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