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Top Bookmark Link Affiliate Process 

Although we have put in many excellent sites there is no way we can get them all. As you are activating the sites you work with, you may end up being the CREATOR of the domain that is listed in the credential manager.

To add a website to Credential Manager use the Add a Website Button on the upper right hand corner of the activation's block.  It is also on the Non-Activation's & Category page block.

You will know if you are the creator, because you will need to give the service a Name.  Otherwise if the domain is already in the system then you will have the name come in FOR YOU with the new activation after submitting the to the system.

If you are the creator, there are a couple things we should let you know. Once the site is created it is available PUBLICLY for anyone else to activate. This gives you exclusivity to the TOP Bookmark Link and the "Visit Site" button for the site displays in the entire system that is tied to that URL.

So, wherever that site is displayed the VISIT SITE button belongs to YOU, because you have the Top Bookmark Link slot as the creator.

If someone does a search, goes to categories, recent or the non-activation's area the display of that sites Visit Site button belongs to you. Whoever clicks that will be going to your referral URL and if they get involved it may benefit you. 

In fact, in your activation the FIRST Bookmark Link is NOT editable and is pre-named "Top Bookmark".

To change it, you have to click a Request button and then follow it up by sending administration a request to change the URL. The Admin will review and if all is OK, administration will make the change on the service record for you. The reason why is it's yours but it's also public so any change needs to be scrutinized.

This exclusivity means as others are activating this site they may not yet be a member, so there is a distinct possibility they may want to visit the site to check it out.

Also, only ONE Site domain can exist in the public area's by any of the members. There is only ONE of the site you are adding and for everyone else that puts in that domain they will be activating this EXISTING service.

That is the Top Bookmark Link affiliate process with Credential Manager, so it is very beneficial to ADD services. Just make sure when adding services that DO have an affiliate process, to PUT IN your Referral URL into the first bookmark link slot when you are the creator.  Even if you do not have an affiliate link, you should put in the domain so that YOU retain the Top Bookmark.  If you leave it blank, the Admin will add the homepage to that slot and you will not be the owner of the Top Bookmark.

Remember: If you had to NAME it, then you ARE the creator.

Managing your credentials is the FUN part and we have made it EASY for you.  

Best regards,

Michael Blair
Credential Manager

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