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Websites are always active in the public area

Because websites do come and go, we needed a way to MONITOR the added websites daily to make sure they are rendering and in working order.

Every 12 hours (7 days a week) all of the {servicecount} Websites in the public area are MONITORED and checked to make sure they are rendering so that you have sites here that are valid. This also applies to the filtered or FLAGGED website area as well.

If a Website from either area does go down it is put into a holding area for real eyeballs to make sure it is down. If it is down then the Website is DELETED and all activation's for this website are removed. 

It is necessary for ALL Websites in the system to be active and working. The reason why is we don't want people to activate something in the public area that is no longer there, it is just a waste of time to do so.

On the old vault system this was a MANUAL process and took a long time to administrate. Here on Credential Manager it is an automated reporting process that is not anywhere near as time consuming and keeps the database clear of Websites that are no longer operating.

While the website is in holding it is still in the system and not deactivated or anything like that. It requires a manual process to check the validity of the domain and if it just isn't there then Administration does delete it and ALL activation's throughout the system are completely removed.

Best regards,

Michael Blair 
Credential Manager


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