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This is for your GO-TO Sites 

On the display page of your ACTIVATED sites there is a button that has a heart on it below the site name selected.

When you click it, that site is put to display in your favorites page. The browser will not refresh and it just gets done. Its so fast you don't think anything happened. But each time you click the empty heart it will fill and that site is also pushed to your favorites page.

The purpose behind this page is to give you a way to assign your favorite sites that you visit or your Go-To sites as we like to refer to them. With this page you ONLY have the sites you Favorited.

Additionally with this page you can set up the sites you use every day.

It also gives you a way to group your sites on this page for working with the sites you are using all the time.

All sites will display in alphabetical order with 100 site display limit. If you have more than 100 favorites then a second page is created with pagination on the top and bottom of the page so you can get between the pages.

You can manage the sites as well because the blue buttons for Activated sites are all there for you to use for getting to your credentials or the site.

This favorites page is just to compliment the system for a way to group your sites into a selection of favorites.

Best regards,

Michael Blair
Credential Manager


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