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Managing your website info & credentials

Managing your information & credentials couldn't be easier!

You do have a few links to consider (Activation'sNon-activation'sRecentCategoryFavorites and Search), and we will talk about the ACTIVATION'S page to show you how easy it really is. 

I know that might seem like a lot of pages, but don't be intimidated, Credential Manager is VERY easy to use.  All of your websites are managed through the Activation's page and the other pages are just there to give you more OPTIONS for dealing with your websites here on Credential Manager. 

On your Activation's page you have a pull down menu that holds all your existing activation's. You will be able to select any of your activation's here and a COUNT of your activated sites is displayed above the service name displayed in the window.

At the top right of the page, there is a TOGGLE button that is preceded with Display Login Info. If it says SHOW, after you click it, your user/pass credentials will openly display in the service record selected to the right of the name AND the button will toggle to say HIDE. This will apply to ALL activation's and will hold for the login or until you change it.

Now click HIDE and the credentials that were displaying will disappear or hide. This gives you a quick way to know your login credentials for your activated sites when you toggle the show.

Using the pull-down you can easily find any one of your activated sites that are all listed in alphabetical order. Click the site you want and there will be several blue buttons below the activated site name to select from.

When you have activated sites you will have several buttons to use for managing your selected activation:

  1. Blue Edit Service Name button for editing your credentials
  2. Blue Display button with an eye on it
  3. Blue Login button to get to the service login with a right-arrow on it
  4. Blue Visit site button with a chain link on it for looking at the website homepage
  5. Blue Delete site button to remove this activated site from your activation's that has a trash can
  6. Blue Favorite site button to put this site into your favorites page that has a heart on it
  7. Blue Start-page button that will go to whatever link you specified on your start-page link for this activation

You can use any one of the buttons listed above for the highlighted service.

When you click the edit button you will have access to the following fields in the popup:

  1. Username ( Encrypted )
  2. Password ( Encrypted )
  3. Bookmark links (Any link)
  4. Email Address
  5. Any Information (Codes, scripts, security Q/A, etc.)
  6. Start-page link
  7. Tags for searches
  8. Large notes section

You will be able to edit any field above to make any change you want. Additionally you can add unlimited referral URL's, usernames, passwords, email addresses & banner/embed code.  

The sections of usernames/passwords, referral URL's, Banner code and Email can be NAMED so that you know what this is for.  When you click the display button the name will be bold and you will have a prominent title for any of the four main sections for multiple entries.

There is a start-page field for any link that will be tied to a button on the display page of services if entered. It was originally intended for a traffic exchange start-page link but it can be ANY link you want to use that is associated with this site. Once entered and saved a blue start-page button will appear by this service display.

Additionally you can enter SEARCH TAGS into the service record. This will provide an additional process to hone down a search pattern you want to use to find a group of sites.

The note section is for you to use for any documentation you want to add for this website. It is pretty extensive with allowance for over 100,000 characters.

You can also click the display button to view your Activation and the WHOIS information for the service you activated.  All links will be clickable, and banner/embed code available for copy/paste operations.

There is a visit site link button that will take you to your Top referral URL on this service or the domain if no referral URL was designated.

There is also a heart button for setting up your Favorites page. Just click the empty heart and it will fill up and your site will be put into favorites. Click the heart when its filled and that will UN-FAVORITE the site and it will no longer display on favorites.

If you want to DEACTIVATE a service you can do so by clicking the Delete button. Just be forewarned that by doing so, you remove the information you stored and if you want to re-activate you can, but you start over.

Managing and getting to your credentials is the easy part. As you add website resources just make sure you activate them in your credential manager so you can stay centralized & organized. It's a snap and being able to get what you need when you need it can be critical in Business sometimes.

Managing and growing your organization in Credential Manager is very rewarding and becomes fun because it is helping you.

Best regards,

Michael Blair
Credential Manager

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