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Beginning in the year 2002

 Hi, my name is Michael Blair and I am the founder.  I want to let you know that Credential Manager has its roots in a product we brought to Market in 2002 (  It was a credential management solution that was an amazing storage/retrieval solution for your personal marketing information and login credentials for the websites you are promoting and using.

In 2002 we were very WELL received and people found the product to be very useful in managing their personal & marketing information/credentials for the websites they were promoting and using. 

However since then we have always wanted to have a more social environment so members can connect with each other and the older site didn't FIT with what we are doing anymore. So, a DRASTIC change became necessary in 2015 with the Social BOOM that has exploded on the Internet.

So we ported the entire credential management process from the old Vault system (Make1c) into a much more robust site and even changed the name to Credential Manager.  It took a year to re-develop the basic engine and in 2016 Credential Manager was re-born.  In fact, we are still developing new upgrades for the site to keep it up to date with the changing markets.

We are letting you know this so you will understand where Credential Manager came from AND... that we have been around since 2002. We are not new and are building a World class product that is streamlined for you to use in the building & managing of your websites. We have been around for awhile so we know a thing or two.

With the change in the sites Name AND a complete redo of the site look & feel, Credential Manager is now even MORE powerful with more social related tools and we do have an Affiliate process wrapped around Credential Manager for everyone. You will be able to read another tutorial on how the affiliate process works when you ADD a NEW website to Credential Manager.

So, for those of you with print outs, spreadsheets, doc files, etc. all of that is DONE AWAY with when you use Credential Manager.

This will CENTRALIZE all of your Marketing information including usernames,passwords, links, embed codes, Security Q/A, email associations or ANY information relevant to the websites you are going to into a SINGLE login that you can access from ANY device, on any browser from anywhere in the World!

The first thing you want to do, is to ACTIVATE every single website you are using. We have a LOT of sites already in the database ({servicecount} currently) so chances are most of your sites are already there just waiting to be activated.  It is very easy to setup your Credential Manager and it produces powerful results.

If you have any questions or need help, put in a support ticket and we will get back to you ASAP!
Best regards,
Michael Blair
Credential Manager

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