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My name is Michael Blair and I am the CEO & Founder of Credential Manager, a Personal & Marketing Credential Management solution that is easy to use.

The caption is there because that is the goal…to give Credential Manager some Social tools.  More on that at the end of the article.

I am posting this article (Original date August 2010) because I believe the need for an easy to use, secure credential management system is upon us, in this CRAZY “Techno-Security Credential Minded Society” that we find ourselves living in today.

I am not JUST referring to the Internet. Here is what I mean.

When you call anyone you owe a bill to, what is the first thing they ask you?

“So that we know you are the owner of this account, may I know what your “CREDENTIAL’S” are”?

After you answer the first credential…they might still ask you perhaps where the account originated from or for some other identifying mark you have on your account. Like…your account number. Where do you keep those? On your bill? Where is the Bill…in the trash? You see my point?

In fact, I will say that just about all of the “World” faces “Credential Management” whether they know it or not.

The reason that I make that statement is because now more than ever before, if you want to do anything with regards to dealing with your bank, your telephone company, your utility bills, your credit card company, any vendor you owe money to, the retail outlets you go to everyday, and of course the Internet, YOU WILL NEED CREDENTIALS!

Here is an example of what I mean.

I opened a new Bank Account about 10 years ago (In 2000). Within about 1-2 years I moved away from the city/state I was in at the time and came back to San Diego.

About 5-6 years later my bank decided it needed MORE than the verbal password I had setup with them. They started asking about where I had originally opened the account. The very first time I was asked that…I hesitated…because I didn’t remember. In fact…I took a guess and got lucky. If I hadn’t answered correctly I would have had to get off the phone…and research it myself. But, I was fortunate.

This is just ONE story. I will guess that I am NOT alone here in this security credential minded world.

I will go so far as to say that it is even worse than I can imagine with many ‘horror’ stories to be told.

Anyone that is an adult over 25 will have a story to tell with regards to credentials whether it’s with the Internet or off the Internet.

Hopefully you will begin to see that Credentials are ALL AROUND you…even in retail stores. Consider this…it is a true story.

I went to Blockbuster and had the movie I wanted to rent…the girl asked me to tell her my address and phone number to verify I was the cardholder right there in the store. I refused. I had a blockbuster card and Identification…but she STILL INSISTED on me providing her this verbal information in the store itself with others around. I didn’t end up renting the movie that day.

Can you imagine that you would have to CALL OUT personal CREDENTIAL’s in a retail outlet (With other’s around you) when you have the money and can pay? Yet…it is STILL required. Credentials are NOW required to even do something like renting a movie. Has that ever happened to you?

You have credentials in brick and mortar, utility companies, banks, software mfrs, and just about any VENDOR you do business with especially if it is on the Internet.

In fact…credentials on the INTERNET are even worse!

For every website you visit…they want you to open an account. That means…a username, password and you must have a VALID EMAIL! In order to get to your Email…you need CREDENTIALS!

Let’s talk about email for a moment.

Many people have yahoo, gmail, etc. type of accounts…when you ask them about their password knowledge of their own email account, many don’t know what it is in their head. Do you? In fact…when it comes time to do the email thing again…they don’t know their password…so some of them just re-create a new email instead. Can you imagine that? Has that ever happened to you?

How many websites have you signed up for this year alone that you have no idea of who they are…what they do…and yet you feel you have lost something…do you know what I mean? Where are those credentials you created? The fact is…they are lost.

Or…you added the new site as a favorite but 6 months later when you go back to that favorite…the browser didn’t spit out the right password (In dots of course) into the password field and it kept taking you to an error page on your credentials. Has that ever happened to you? What do you do then when your browser has failed you for managing your credentials?

I bet you will say…I will just click the forgot password link…so you click on the forgot password link…it tells you that it sent an email to your email address and the address is correct…but you go to check your email…and it just never comes. Has THAT ever happened to you?

Think about it, on or off the Internet, Credential’s are actually a part of EVERYBODY’S daily life and we don’t even really think about it. We just go on and keep forgetting the password for sites, email accounts and either re-create them…or just lose sight of them entirely. You say to yourself…what can I do?

Or…you are logged in and suddenly it logs you out because your session expired. You are at a login screen that looks familiar…you key in your username hit the tab key confidently and when it gets to the password field…instead of spitting out dots, it is blank. Nothing. All you know are dots and the panic starts to mount. You don’t really KNOW what the password is because all you see are dots when the browser spits it out. What do you do? Has that ever happened to you?

NOTE: The reason why the above happened is because there is MORE THAN ONE login page for this website! Your browser was only configured for the first one you came to and many websites upon exiting you from the session will take you to an entirely DIFFERENT login page! But your browser was never configured for this login page. You don’t have any management other than the browser (With the dots) and so you have NO IDEA what your password is. Has THAT ever happened to you?

Ok…we have seen a LOT of scenario’s and I am sure you have your own “Credential” horror stories too.

At this point you must see that CREDENTIAL’S have invaded our technological society and with the explosion of the Internet and society turning more and more to the Internet…with our present course many people will NEED some sort of process to MANAGE this insane world of CREDENTIAL’S we are in now.

At some point, you will NEED to know what your credentials are (In a readable format) before you go to the site you need them for. At least that makes sense to me and is WHY I brought Credential Manager to market in the first place. I needed a way to manage the credentials I was creating for the various sites I was using.

In September of 2002 (Yeah…a LONG time ago) I brought to market this Web application which is a credential management storage & retrieval solution for personal & marketing credentials.

I engineered it so that it would provide me with ALL of my credentials:

  1. Usernames/Passwords
  2. Various email associations
  3. Referring Links for websites I was referring for business and advertising
  4. Different banner and html codes that needed to be stored for the various websites I was using
  5. Start-Page URL’s for exchanges (Ad sites)
  6. A Notes section for additional information that I could document

It had to be simple and easy too.

So I created it so that you could easily manage not only credentials but operations as well.  Every site has a login button to take you directly to the sites login area.  You just use a drop down to select the site that is alphabetized all neat and tidy.

The Login link…the username…and the password had to be there and easy too.  So I made it so you can show/hide your user/pass in the blink of an eye, it’s just a simple toggle.  You want to see your credentials?  Click show.

So I know what service I am going to, the log in button is there for me to click (Taking me directly to the Members login or main landing page) and the username/password are RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME in a READABLE format if I elected to display them.  With Credential Manager, I know what my credential’s ARE before I go there.

I use this system EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am lost without it because everything I do that has anything to do with credentials is in my Credential Manager.  So that you know, all usernames & passwords are encrypted for security purposes.


Can you say that?

So this credential management solution can definitely be of help. It is a Web application that has been on the internet since September of 2002 and it is easy to use. This credential management solution will provide you with a very simple process for dealing with your credentials.

Most importantly it is safe and secure with encryption on all your username and password credentials. The only one who will see your credentials is YOU with your login.

One important aspect that you need to understand. This is VERY important. I am referring to CENTRALIZATION. Please read on.

A huge benefit with Credential Manager, is you have CENTRALIZED access that is responsive to any device you are accessing it with, and it is in the clouds, because it is on the Internet.  So no matter what device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone) you are using, as long as you have internet access, you have access to your credentials.

So, everything is stored in one single place. That isn’t true with multiple computers (Home/Work) using software, favorites, or any browser management. It is ONLY true with an Internet Based system like Credential Manager!

In fact…even if your computer crashes and burns…ALL of your Marketing credentials are SAFE with the system and still there waiting for you to login and access them.

So with one click on my activation link, I can find all of my credentials and I will KNOW what they ARE before I go there. It is not only way cool, but this saves YOU the headache of having to develop some sort of system on YOUR own…it’s EASY to use and…it’s FREE!

Lastly…here is what you will get rid of with Credential Manager:


There are other benefits too:

  • No more logging into sites for affiliate links
  • No More logging into sites for banner embed code
  • No more floaters that are lost before you can use the credentials again
  • No more irritation when you can’t remember credentials you just used yesterday
  • No more wasted time looking for credentials 6 months later when you need them
  • No more clicking the forgotten password link and NOT getting the email you need

August 25, 2016 Update for Credential Manager:

Today it’s 6 years after I originally wrote this article.  The credential management system I engineered for personal & marketing credentials has GREATLY evolved.  We are moving it into a site with additional social tools for an even more powerful presence.

The Credential management system originally put together in 2002 PALES in comparison to what we have now.

I have wanted more Social Tools for the credential management system I put together for the last 5 years and in October of 2015 I could not wait any longer and began the tedious construction of the new website which came to market Sep 12, 2016.

The system is AMAZING and is only going to get MUCH better and even MORE powerful.

If you want to NEVER HIT THE FORGOT PASSWORD LINK AGAIN…and start using a World class Credential Manager solution, then get started with Credential Manager today.

Michael E. Blair
CEO & Founder
Credential Manager

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