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Credential Management Incidents

Have you ever been at a login page and had forgotten your username or password?

I am willing to bet that you have found yourself in this situation and had to click the forgot password link that 99% of login pages have now.

After clicking the link you are asked to put in the email for the account you want to login for and perhaps you have more than one email account? Has this dilemma ever happened to you?

These are what I call Credential incidents and back in 2002 I was falling into this situation with some regularity with the volume of websites I was going to on a daily basis.

I had several email accounts and though I used a regular username & password, sometimes the website would assign me a username or even password and of course this made it even harder for me to manage my credentials for recovery.

Also back in 2002 there wasn't any browser that was storing any credentials and so I was left to develop my own solution for this problem I was running into on almost a daily basis.

Credential Management recovery now in 2017 is a little better with most browsers storing the usernames & password but there are still issues, because now a days there are 4 devices (And more) that people use to access the websites they go to on a regular basis.

You have the desktop, the laptop, the Tablet and of course the Smartphone to use for accessing the various websites you go to and discover on a daily basis.

If you depend on Browser management that only covers the device you are on and is not centralized to apply to ALL the devices you might use to access the website you want to visit. In fact, each device may have a completely different browser for you to use to access the web!

How do you deal with Credential Management recovery then?

The secret to multiple devices and different browsers is a CENTRALIZED process that will allow you to access any of your websites and have your credentials stored for an easy recovery process.


Even using a devices notepad or spreadsheet is limited to THAT device and is not centralized.

Credential Management Solution

The solution is simple, which is an internet based (Cloud based) process that will allow you to store & retrieve your credentials for every website you go to.

Thus I created Credential Manager, which is a cloud based solution you can access with any device for a solid Credential Management Recovery process that is free to use.

With this solution you can store unlimited usernames & passwords for any website you are using and they are Encrypted to provide a secure environment for the websites you are using.

In fact you can store other Credentials as well:

  1. Unlimited usernames & passwords (Encrypted) for each website
  2. Unlimited links (Affiliate, Blogs, Articles, etc) for each website
  3. Unlimited email associations for each website
  4. Unlimited HTML Snippets (Banner code, embed code, etc) for each website
  5. Large Notes section for each website
  6. WHOIS info for each website (Except .gov)
  7. Login button for each website to get you to the login page

With this Credential Management Recovery solution you have much more than a password manager, and can have a complete backup for all the information associated with the websites you visit.

What if your device (Desktop, Laptop, Table, Phone) crashes and burns? Has that ever happened to you? How did you recover all your credentials?

What if your device is hacked? Has that ever happened to you?

With a Credential Management Recovery solution that is cloud based you are safe from hackers on your device and even if your device crashes & burns you have your Credentials stored in a safe & secure environment that is waiting for you to use it.

Take a few minutes out of your life and check out a great solution for you to use for free and achieve your Credential Management Recovery solution today.

It is very easy to use and can save you oodles of time not having to deal with your credentials no matter how long it's been since you last visited the website you are trying to access and use.

Michael Blair - Admin for Credential Manager

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