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Credential Manager - Centralization
Ok, you have activated your sites and you want to learn what centralization is all about. This is the main reason for credential management although there are others.

With this credential manager you can store & retrieve the following information:

  1. Unlimited Usernames & Passwords ( Encrypted ) for each activation
  2. Unlimited Links (Referral URLs, Blog links, Group links, etc) for each activation
  3. Unlimited Embed code (Banner, Video, Java, HTML, etc) for each activation
  4. Unlimited email associations for each activation
  5. Unlimited Notes section for each activation
  6. Start-Page link that is a button for use with each activation
  7. WHOIS Information on all Websites in the database

With this Credential Manager and being centralized no matter what information is needed you have it in SECONDS and you can access it FROM ANY DEVICE.

Need a blog link to post in Facebook or LinkedIN? Need a Referral URL for someone you are chatting with in Skype? Need that Youtube embed code for your website? Need that banner code for that banner exchange or advertising you are doing? Need your username or password?  Need the support email for the site?  Need your security questions for the site?

With this credential manager you will always be able to LOGIN to any website you have activated. Just go to your Activation's page and use the pull down to select your site and click. Then click the blue login button below and you are there! You even have a show/hide toggle to DISPLAY your usernames & passwords right on the site display box to the right of the name.

The POWER of centralization doesn't stop there, because you also have your credentials away from your computer. What if your computer dies? If it does and you have activated your sites your business connections AND information are safe & secure in the clouds with your credential manager.

What if someone hacks into your computer? With your credential manager in the clouds your marketing information is safe & secure in the clouds.

As you are beginning to see, centralization is very POWERFUL. You even have ALL your logins and credentials in ONE place for getting to the site when you need to and credentials isn't even an issue.

If we need to post our blog link to Facebook we just display our own record and right-click the blog link we want and click copy. Then paste it in facebook. We dont even have to go to our own blog its stored in our Credential Manager activation.

You can do the same thing for whatever blog you are using to post it wherever you like and the info is centralized. You dont have to login to the blog, instead key in the link once to your activated site and its there forever. For whatever blog service you are using just record the blog posts of interest for later promotions.

Being centralized is just smart business.

In fact the Credential Manager is also wrapped by an affiliate process for the member who is adding NEW sites to the system.

Best regards,

Michael Blair
Credential Manager

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