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Activating your Websites is the first thing you will want to do in order to setup your credential manager. There are a few ways to do that. 

* Disclaimer for filtered sites in the public area:

When you click the +Add a Website button to add any website to your activation's page it is screened to make sure it is NOT a known scam.

There is a section called the filtered websites and if the domain you are adding is found in the filtered sites it is a FLAGGED website and you will not be able to add it.  You will receive a Warning popup informing you that it is flagged and you will not be able to activate it in the public area activation's.  However, if you still want to activate it, you can use the Personal Websites area to do so.  To see all the sites that are flagged by domain go to our Badwords page.

The reason for this filtering is any site added here is available to everyone to also activate and we do not want known SCAMS to be in the public areas in the system.

NOTE: If you are just STARTING out with no activation's, you may want to go with option #2. The documentation for the Non-Activation's page is available by using the Help Accordion or by going to the page and clicking the white question mark in the upper right portion of the website.

Here are some of the ways you can activate your websites:

  1. On your Credentials >> Activation's page you can click the + Add Your Website button and add the domain for the site you want to activate. If the website is already in the system then it will come into view and you can save it with or without any credentials and it will go to your activation's page and be available. If the domain is NOT in the database then you will be ADDING it. If there is a referring process don't forget to put in YOUR Referral URL because it will be the TOP referral url for that service forever. If no referral URL is provided the system will default it to the domain.
  2. You can click the non-activations link which will bring up all websites you have not activated in a pull down to find the sites in alphabetical order. If you know the name just highlight it and click the service name. You will be able to click the red + Service Name button to the right of the name and a popup will appear for you to save this site and your credentials to your Activation's page.
  3. Click the category link and that will bring up all the categories so you can get a birds eye view of your Activation's. Highlight the category link and a tool-tip box will appear to tell you what its about and upon clicking any category link, you will see all sites in that category being displayed by name in alphabetical order. The ones that are not activated will have a blue button with + Service name meaning if you click it a popup will appear so you can activate it with your credentials.
  4. You can additionally click the search link to find the service you are looking for by name. The search results will display the WHOIS information and you will have a RED + Service Name button for any site fitting the search criteria that you have NOT activated. You will additionally have a visit site display if you want to go there.

The whole idea is to activate ALL the websites you are working with and as you develop new website relationships you will want to include those as well.

By doing that you will CENTRALIZE your connections and information under a single login that is cloud based. If any domain you add is NOT in the system you benefit being the creator and having exclusivity to the TOP Bookmark when you add it.  The Top Bookmark is linked to the visit site button system wide.
Best regards,
Michael Blair
Credential Manager

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