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Why Credential Manager works the way it does

The 5 Main areas of information you can manage:

  1. Unlimited Usernames and passwords (128 AES Encryption)
  2. Unlimited Bookmark links
  3. Unlimited Email associations
  4. Unlimited information of any kind
  5. WHOIS info stamped on every website

We have you covered for ALL of your website information, even the WHOIS information is stamped on every single website you are managing!  Check out the information below to learn more by clicking the + line.

Why do we give you 5 areas of information?

With Credential Manager we felt it was important for you to have the above 5 areas to use for managing your Websites. The reason why is because these are the areas of information associated with the websites you are going to.

We also felt it was important for you to not be limited in the information you are entering, so each area has a PLUS button (Except the WHOIS area, which is the 5th area) that you can click (Or tap) to add a NEW line item for the area. You can add an UNLIMITED amount of line items for EACH of the 4 areas.

The areas include usernames & passwords (Encrypted), Bookmark links, Email associations, and an ANY INFO area for any information you want to manage for the website, and there is even the WHOIS info (The 5th area) for you to have on each website.

By having everything separated by area, this makes the management process easier, because when you need information or credentials you know exactly where to go to retrieve it.

When you are editing your information, for each line item you also have a NAME field for titling the line item. This title sits above the line item and is BOLD text for clarity. Each line item can be TITLED and this makes it easier to find the line item you need.

These areas are all in one popup and are BOXED so you can easily find the area you are looking for in order to manage your sites.

What do we mean by having an ANY info area?

With Credential Manager you ALSO have an ANY INFO area that you can use to manage any information of any kind.

For adding new line items you have a PLUS button you can click (Or tap), and you can add as many line items as you need.

This area allows you to put in Security Questions & Answers, Software Keys, Script codes of any kind, embed codes (Banner, Video, etc), HTML snippets, or ANYTHING!

Each any info line item entry is formatted too. When you hit the enter key during entry, that will be reflected in the display of information when you are displaying the record.

There is more too, because this area is mostly for copy/paste operations, when displaying the website record. So, in this area when you CLICK (Or tap) the information box, it highlights and is copied to your clipboard FOR you. Then you can just paste the information where you need it to go.

Also, each Any Info line item can be TITLED which will display above the info box in BOLD text for clarity when displaying the record.

What is the WHOIS information and why is it important?

On the Internet every website that is there (Except .gov sites) have what is called WHOIS information that you can find for ANY website. Go to Google and type WHOIS and you will find many sites that give you a way to do a manual lookup for any domain. With Credential Manager when anyone adds a new website to the database, within a few minutes that WHOIS info for the website is permanently attached to the Website record.

When displaying the record in any area of Credential Manager, at the bottom of the display popup, you will see the WHOIS information for the website.

Here is the information you will see when looking at the WHOIS information in the popup display box:

  1. The date & Time the website was actually CREATED on
  2. The location of the website by City, State & Country
  3. The admin contact email and possibly the contact phone number too
  4. The domain registrar for the website
  5. The IP Address and the server location for the website
  6. There is even more information you will see.
Why is this important? Well, would it be good to know a website you just paid for access was created YESTERDAY? What if the Website in question is in China, how would the support work? What if you cant find any support email, would it be good to have the Admin contact information? What if the domain is SPAMMING you? Did you know that you can go to the REGISTRAR and report them?

So, yes, having access to the WHOIS information on any website can be VERY important and we provide this process FOR you. The member doesnt have to do anything other than click the display button for the website selected and then scroll to the bottom of the popup and the WHOIS information is there.

Imagine for every website you are managing, you will have ALL of this IMPORTANT info for every single website! We know of NO OTHER management system with this capability.

Why are Unlimited credentials & information important?

There are a few other systems similar to what we are doing, but they are for the most part focused on only usernames & passwords. Additionally they only allow ONE set of credentials per website, which is very limiting.

We, on the other hand, want to provide you with a more comprehensive approach by providing you with a way to manage ALL the credentials and information associated with your websites.

Because you may have more than one device and be using multiple browsers, we wanted to give you a process where you can have cross browser functionality AND be able to manage more than just your login credentials. So because we are cloud based, it doesnt matter what device you are using to access your websites and information.

Consider these scenarios with logins, Bookmark links, Email associations, and any other information associated with your websites:

Login Credentials:

  1. You may have multiple accounts with the same website
  2. In order to put in a support ticket, you may have to login to a separate support portal
  3. As a webmaster or Affiliate marketer, you may have FTP, Cpanel, SSH, Root access and other non-member logins for a site
Bookmark links:
  1. You might have affiliate links for promoting sites you are using for online income
  2. You might also have social links such as blogs, groups, events, forums that you are promoting and using
  3. What about PDF Document links for things you may need to read up on for more support?
  4. There are also many support documentation links for getting to the training area or knowledge base
  5. You might have video links you are promoting through social and other mediums
Email Associations:
  1. If you have more than ONE email, how do you know which email is associated with which website?
  2. Do you know what the support email is for the website at any time you need it?
  3. Does the website have multiple admins with emails that you are contacting for support?
Any Information:
  1. How do you know which security Questions & Answers you have setup with the various websites you are using?
  2. Are you embedding banner or script code into your websites at different times?
  3. Are you purchasing any software online that needs a KEY to access the software? What if you need to re-install the software?
There are many other scenarios that come up too when dealing with websites. With Credential Manager you can manage ANY kind of information for each website and we dont limit you to your entries like our competitors do. You can enter as many line items in the 4 areas as you need with a BOLD title for each one, so you know what it is for when displaying the website information.

Why is centralizing your websites to one location important?

There are a few reasons for centralizing your websites to one location.

  1. You can access them from any device or any browser from anywhere in the world
  2. With your sites in the clouds your device can change (Even crash) and it doesnt affect your websites
  3. You could be at work and need access to your websites that your work browser doesnt know
  4. You have cross browser funtionality so that it doesnt matter what browser or what device you are using
  5. Centralizing your websites to one location gives you EASY access to ALL of your credentials & information
  6. By putting your sites in the clouds away from your device, you are avoiding being hacked
Think of the TIME you will save by having all of your websites in the clouds and you no longer have to do the hunt for credentials, bookmarks, emails, video links, affiliate links, or ANY information associated with your sites.

You also greatly benefit by having all of your websites available to you from ANY device or ANY browser because we are in the clouds. The login information is always stamped on the website for you, so for EVERY website you are using you can click the login button, and be taken directly to the login page with your credentials put into the fields by your browser.

It truly is a game changer for the good to have your websites CENTRALIZED for easy access.

Why I am excited about this website

I have all of my websites in one place with access to ALL of my information!

Have your best online experience with Credential Manager, a safe, simple way to store and fill unlimited usernames & passwords (AES 128 Encryption), AND... unlimited Bookmark links, email associations, embed codes, security questions & answers and much more.

The real excitement in using Credential Manager is the flexibility of being able to have UNLIMITED storage of ALL your information available for EACH website you are using and not just your login credentials.  There is NO LIMIT to the line items you can create for each website.

With this cloud based Credential Manager you only need ONE login to access your websites.  No more lost credentials, because all of your information is stored in the clouds. 

Because it is cloud based you can access your websites from any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone) from anywhere in the world.  You can also use ANY browser to access your cloud based Credential Manager.

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You have some social tools too

Social channels as a Bonus!

Friends Timeline:

With Credential Manager, you have a timeline in your account Dashboard with your Friends posts.  Post links, pictures, events and anything.  So, if you post something they will see it in their dashboard.

 Auto-Friend Link:

When you use your personal link to share Credential Manager, anyone who joins under that link will be Auto-Friended to you.  This gives you a way to talk to your friends.

 Circle of Friends Area:

Within the social channels you have an area that you can use to group your friends for easy communications.  Have Family, Business, and any category of friends that you want to set up.  

 Real Time Chat:

With this option you can chat with any of your friends in real time.  It is text and video based as well.  Your friends can talk to you and SEE you in REAL TIME while you are chatting using your webcam.

 Mail Your Friends:

You have a mailroom.  Here you can send and receive mail from any of your friends.  You are alerted when you have mail with a RED bubble with your mail count,  letting you know its there.


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