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The convenience of Credential Manager

 Credential Manager

Credential Manager is just really convenient 

The other day I was dealing with my Apple ID and the login process.  After changing it, the system at Apple required me to set up Security questions and the ones being provided, I would never remember.

I was on the phone with the tech and mentioned this to him and he said "write them down on a piece of paper".  I was pretty annoyed with that answer and said to him, where am I going to keep that piece of paper so that in 1 month or even 6 months from now when I am re-logging into my Apple ID account, I can retrieve it?  He had no answer for me, but I had the perfect answer.

I went to my Apple ID activation in Credential Manager and I put all 3 Security questions in there!  So now when I click the display button the questions are there, bold and prominent with the answers directly below each question asked!  

This is a permanent record and I use Credential Manager to get to ALL of my websites and so with any site that has ANY information associated with it, I can record it in my activation so that when I need the information I just display the website selected.

For me, Credential Manager is a great time saver and I can pretty much store/recover anything for any of the 170 websites I have activated.  It is so much MORE than a simple password manager.

Have you ever started to try and send an email to the support section for the website you are dealing with and just couldn't remember the EMAIL address for their support department?  So, then you go and hunt it down by logging into the website and you finally find it?  What if you had a way to STORE that information for an easy retrieval solution for every website you are using?

Well, with Credential Manager it's easy.  Just go to the Email section and title it, then key in the support email and no more hunting!  It's a permanent record in your website activation for that website and easily recovered by using the display button for any selected website activation.

In fact the security questions I was talking about earlier?  I used the embed area of Credential Manager because it is all text based and with the ability to Title EACH entry, it prominently stands out when displaying the selected site information.

You see for the following information, it is unlimited and I can title each entry.  Under the edit button each section has a + button that allows me to ADD another entry with a new title & the information.  Here is what I mean:

  1. Unlimited username & password (Encrypted) with the ability to title each entry.
  2. Unlimited links (Affiliate, Blogs, Video, etc.) with the ability to title each entry
  3. Unlimited Email associations (Mine, Support, Account Mgr, etc.) with the ability to title each entry
  4. Unlimited embed codes (Banners, Scripts, Security Q&A, etc.) with the ability to title each entry

I virtually can record ANYTHING for every website I use and go to, and I don't have to login to the website and do the HUNT for the information I need at the time I need it.  I am always logged into my Credential Manager and can get whatever information I need there by clicking the display button for the website activation selected.

Credential Manager is a place of convenience for ALL of the information associated with the sites I use and go to.  I can even use it to login to the websites and I know what my credentials are BEFORE I go to the site.  I can elect to display my username/password for any website selected so that it's right there in front of me in English and not dots.

If I need an affiliate link or any blog I am promoting I just display my selected activated website and the information is right there for me to recover, all neat and tidy.  I don't know of any other management solution that has this kind of storage capability on the internet.

It doesn't matter what device I am on or what browser I am using either.  I can be on a desktop, laptop, tablet or even my phone as the site is optimized for mobile devices too.  Because Credential Manager is cloud based I am centralized for all of the websites I go to.

I can even see the WHOIS information for every single website I have activated in my Credential Manager. The WHOIS registration information gives you excellent information for the websites on the internet.  I am referring to the website phone number, address, admin email, creation date and more!  You even know who the domain registrar is for the website with the WHOIS registration information.

Credential Manager is very convenient and it's easy to use too, with quite a few options.

If you want a convenient process to store and recover ANY information with regards to the websites you are promoting and using go to Credential Manager today and get started for free.


Michael Blair


Credential Manager


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